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There were two wiccans that lived below us. There was some MAJOR demonic activity going on. I had demons in my room nearly every single night.I could see them in the pitch black dark room. They'd sit on my bed they'd sit next to me or on the foot of the bed.. or- on the worse nights, they would sit ON me. Half the time I was so scared I said or did nothing other than pulling the blanket back over my head.

antsinmypants, Rapture Ready 21 Comments [10/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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your either lying for jebus or totally fucking insane. i opt for the latter

5/17/2008 9:49:19 AM


Please tell me this is a six year old with an over-active imagination...

5/17/2008 10:35:23 AM

Wet Walnuts

Funny, one of my best friends is a Wiccan, and I've never seen any demons.

5/17/2008 11:12:14 AM


Funny, I hang out with Wiccans on a regular basis and never noticed anything like that.

Apparently you have to believe that Wiccans have demons hanging around them before you can see the demons.

5/17/2008 11:51:49 AM


If it was pitch black dark how could you see them?

5/17/2008 2:33:48 PM


Sitting on your bed? Those weren't demons, they were your friendly local Catholic priests.

7/11/2008 9:01:40 PM


That sounds a bit like "old hag" syndrome, but without the paralysis. It's an interesting thing. As you may know, some think the condition is behind alien abduction accounts.

7/11/2008 9:07:38 PM


Sounds like paranoid schizophrenia.

7/11/2008 9:38:45 PM

God Is Real Unless Declared Integer

If it was pitch black dark, these creatures were no demons but grues! Not moving was exactly the right action because if you made one move, they'd have eaten you!

(but seriously, schizophrenia seems more likely)

7/11/2008 10:57:49 PM


Why are the demons in YOUR room? I guess you might want to rethink this whole "true religion" thing if your the one with Demons, but the other religions aren't.

(Of course, no such thing as demons, but eh.)

7/11/2008 11:07:29 PM


Funny, I'm a former Wiccan and never had any demons running about. May be the fact that demons don't exist? :/

5/17/2010 6:30:22 AM


Amos has it right here in that this is probably an "old hag" type sleep paralysis experience - the feeling of being sat on is classic - I've had it myself. The experience will be modified by the cultural norms and personal beliefs of the person - so a fundie anxious about nearby Wiccans interprets the experience as demonic. No evidence of schizophrenia imo - just classic hynogogic phenomema which each culture interprets differently - witchcraft, alien abduction, recoverered sexual abuse memories etc.

5/25/2010 5:25:12 PM


first, Wicca is not a demonic faith. they revere the natural world in a very noteworthy and respectable fashion.
second, are you honestly going to tell me that if YOU could summon badass demons to scare idiots, that you would choose not to?

2/21/2011 10:04:29 PM


They are called nightmares, and are often brought on by over heating. Maybe ditch one of the blankets.

2/22/2011 1:59:06 AM



2/22/2011 2:23:55 AM

Crimson Lizard

You'd think demons would have better things to do than hang around some fundie's bedroom.

8/31/2012 11:51:25 AM


When the men in white appear, please do not resist. They are there to help you.

8/31/2012 12:08:44 PM

Oh My Dog!

I thought you guys could command the demons to go away in Jesus's name.

Guess not.

8/31/2012 4:09:41 PM

David F Mayer

I don't think the author is a liar.

I think that the author has serious hallucinations and needs psychiatric help.

12/3/2012 5:36:53 PM


Kids, this is why we don't do drugs.

12/3/2012 6:15:26 PM

Lady Evil

Try a nightlight. Or get your mommy to spray the room with special demon spray. It smells remarkably like air freshener! Just remember to go potty first so you don't wet your footy jammies!

12/3/2012 8:13:02 PM

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