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What is the Christian priority, preventing gay marriage or getting hand guns out of the hands of children.?

Answer : the more guns the better :)

i am a christian, i also believe in teaching the right way to handle guns, to me guns are toys, but very dangerous toys and must be treated as such.

FarmerCec, Yahoo Answers 49 Comments [10/22/2008 2:35:14 AM]
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Submitted By: J Arcenas

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to me guns are toys, but very dangerous toys and must be treated as such.

That scares the hell out of me.

10/22/2008 2:36:10 AM

Ditto. Guns are NOT fucking toys.

10/22/2008 2:38:21 AM

J. Random Lurker

I'm an avid gun guy, and this scares the hell out of me.

Guns are tools, NOT toys. The mere fact that you call them "toys" in any serious manner is ample reason to take them away. The II Amendment, while broad (and ought to remain so), is in no way absolute.

They are dangerous tools that require responsibility and care--and by regarding them as toys I am inclined to believe you have neither.

10/22/2008 2:49:11 AM

The Watcher

I see. There's no possible way to safely have gay sex, but guns? Hell yeah, pass 'em out like Halloween candy!

10/22/2008 2:56:16 AM


Toys are for playing with.

Guns are no such thing.

Well, I guess you could shoot skeet or something, but that's retarded. If you want to shoot stuff with toys, get freaking Nerf guns. Real guns are just not something that should be anywhere near childrens.

10/22/2008 2:59:38 AM

G Zimmer

Meh, not too fundie.

Sounds like a fun guy.

10/22/2008 3:11:20 AM


Please place one of your beloved guns in your mouth.

10/22/2008 3:45:23 AM


If you ever have kids, give them guns. Maybe they'll blow their brains out.

10/22/2008 3:49:43 AM

Old Viking

Happy bad, gun good.

10/22/2008 4:07:59 AM


You, sir, are a loon.

We do have the right to own guns (even if the need for em has been greatly reduced), but a gun is not a toy.

Maybe you will relize that when you kid shoots himself in the face.

10/22/2008 4:15:32 AM


Guns are not toys, guns are weapons. Anybody that thinks they are toys doesn't deserve to be allowed anywhere near one.

Of course, I'm inclined to believe that NOBODY should be allowed anywhere near one.

10/22/2008 4:18:36 AM



FUCKING THIRDED. Guns are weapons. Not playthings. Period, finito, end of statement.

10/22/2008 4:23:13 AM


Personally I like playing with guns. Why do I say playing? Because that is a word that best describes shooting paper targets and cans. I don't like hunting with them, being I don't like shooting living things. So playing sounds like a good term, though it would be more like a hobby, maybe practice, except I usually only do this once a season or so. Personally though, this just seems to be a 'dodge the question'.

10/22/2008 5:08:23 AM


Guns are toys? What the fuck?

10/22/2008 6:06:18 AM


Best case scenario is that guys like these eventually end up shooting themselves, worse case scenario is that they end up shooting someone else.

10/22/2008 6:54:00 AM


jippy-ka-yay mothefugga

10/22/2008 7:40:29 AM


Guns aren't toys. It's a basic advice.

10/22/2008 9:50:50 AM

a mind far far away

Peter Griffin was right. Moses and Jesus used machine guns to beat the Romans. Who knew?

10/22/2008 10:51:55 AM


You are a farmer...

You have no place teaching gun safety. Just as I as a geneticist have no place teaching quantum physics. M'kay?

10/22/2008 11:40:55 AM


.... Wow. Just fucking wow. Remind me to never go near this guy.

10/22/2008 11:56:34 AM


Hard-on for the Second Amendment Award.

10/22/2008 1:24:16 PM




10/22/2008 2:59:44 PM

The L

i also believe in teaching the right way to handle guns

This is commendable.

to me guns are toys, but very dangerous toys and must be treated as such.

This is just plain terrifying. Guns are weapons, not toys. A kitchen knife is not a toy, why would a gun be one?

10/22/2008 3:00:22 PM


Yeah, place that gun on your right temple and pull the fucking trigger.

10/22/2008 3:38:03 PM


to me guns are toys, but very dangerous toys and must be treated as such.
At least part of you recognizes that it's dangerous. When I have kids, I'm going to protect them from you, you're just terrifying.

10/22/2008 3:42:05 PM

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