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In a thread *he* began titled "Who think of yourself as a descendant of a monkey?"...

A deity has a spiritual form that maybe similar to energy. It is the energy that was responsible for the creation of matter like atoms, quantum, photons. This is where Mr Albert Einstein got his equation, E = mCsquare where C is a constant denoting the speed of light. If the speed of light is slow, less energy will be converted to matter. If the speed is terribly fast, all the energy that is supposed to make a creation will be converted into matter. By adding this C, it seems that not all energy is converted into matter and vice versa. Einstein hated the idea that God exists, so he introduced C in his equation so that there is no deity responsible for the creation.

Divine Alien, Topix 31 Comments [10/22/2008 2:34:36 AM]
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Submitted By: Fek'lhr

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I expect Morbo would like to say something about this.

10/22/2008 2:43:02 AM


Mass-energy equivalence does not work that way!

10/22/2008 2:52:15 AM


0 / 100 Did you even buy the book for this class?

10/22/2008 3:01:30 AM

G Zimmer


10/22/2008 3:08:55 AM


And your ass sucks swamp water.

10/22/2008 3:11:41 AM


C is a constant... stop there.

10/22/2008 3:29:21 AM


You haven't got a fucking clue, do you?

10/22/2008 3:34:42 AM


Here be words and suchlike.

10/22/2008 3:35:03 AM


Light can't go faster or slower, dumbass.

10/22/2008 3:52:23 AM

Old Viking

You were wobbly at "deity," and plummeted at "spiritual form."

10/22/2008 4:10:12 AM


Too bad E=mc^2 was derived from the principles of special relativity; no other assumptions were needed.

10/22/2008 4:41:41 AM


Just because the crazy patterns make sense in your mind doesn't mean they make sense anywhere else. Remember detection theory, folks. When species were evolving the genes that allowed for heightened ability to recognize patterns gave a survival advantage (e.g., seeing the wolf before it pounces on you). That means you end up seeing patterns where they aren't there.

10/22/2008 6:13:40 AM


Wasn't Einstein a strong believer in God?

10/22/2008 6:57:52 AM



10/22/2008 7:43:33 AM


Why don't you write down the mathematical proof of your "theory" and present it for peer review. Who knows? A Nobel Prize in Physics may be in your future.

Those dour people in Stockholm could always use a good laugh.

10/22/2008 7:48:54 AM

Mr Smith

If you listen very carefully you can hear the sound of 1000 physicists focusing their particle accelerators at Divine Alien's head.

10/22/2008 9:06:50 AM


What the hell are you smoking?

10/22/2008 9:49:24 AM

Jack Bauer

You fail completely - in fact, quantum failure!

10/22/2008 9:59:08 AM

a mind far far away

When I seen this fundy first mention Einstein, I thought he was going to try to pull that "Einstein believed in god" bit. I was pleasently surprised to see that he didn't. All he did was make a fool of himself by not understanding science.

10/22/2008 10:49:47 AM


That's pretty much Einstein explained it in his Q&A.

Sorry, what's the C for?

Oh that? I just threw that in there cos I hate God.

@Aura: Wasn't Einstein a strong believer in God?


10/22/2008 10:52:00 AM


C is the constant speed of light which literally is constant, if something changes speed, it's time.

10/22/2008 1:16:24 PM


Erm... C...Constant, speed of light in vacuum: CONSTANT! That's what the letter C stands for, CONSTANT!

10/22/2008 1:34:30 PM

The L

.....Wow. Some bits of this almost make sense, but the majority is so painfully stupid you know the insights are just a coincidence.

10/22/2008 3:01:10 PM

Reverend Jeremiah

A fundy that admits einstein was an atheist? Wow, normally they try to make him look like a fundy.

10/22/2008 3:20:54 PM


@ Frank

Nah, he just didn't give a damn thing. He had his own opinions on the matter, but he wasn't really religious.

10/22/2008 3:39:17 PM

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