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I see this financial breakdown, moreover, as being not merely a moral crisis but the monetary expression of the broader degradation of our values - the erosion of duty and responsibility to others in favour of instant gratification, unlimited demands repackaged as 'rights' and the loss of self-discipline. And the root cause of that erosion is 'militant atheism' which, in junking religion, has destroyed our sense of anything beyond our material selves and the here and now and, through such hyper-individualism, paved the way for the onslaught on bedrock moral values expressed through such things as family breakdown and mass fatherlessness, educational collapse, widespread incivility, unprecedented levels of near psychopathic violent crime, epidemic drunkenness and drug abuse, the repudiation of all authority, the moral inversion of victim culture, the destruction of truth and objectivity and a corresponding rise in credulousness in the face of lies and propaganda -- and intimidation and bullying to drive this agenda into public policy.

Melanie Phillips, The Spectator (UK) 22 Comments [10/22/2008 2:34:34 AM]
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Yes, that's it, atheism's destroyed the world's morality. Let's forget all the things religion has done like substitute critical thinking for strict adherence, destroy scientific knowledge by forcing ludicrous views like the Earth is the center of the universe or currently creationism in schools, no, it's all atheism's fault.

The fact that you get a paycheque for writing this stupid shit frightens the fuck out of me.

10/22/2008 2:40:53 AM


That explains why devout Christians are doing so fine.

No, wait.. The non-recession has affected everybody pretty much equally, except for CEOs who just got a huge bailout bonus and literally threw parties about being how they're bastards.

10/22/2008 3:04:49 AM

G Zimmer

Yeah, I hear countries such as Sweden and Denmark, which have high levels of atheism, are beset with insane amounts of crime, fatherlessness, and widespread ignorance due to educational failure...

Except in almost every area you cited, they are better than the U.S.

10/22/2008 3:07:02 AM


And what is your take on "Militant Christians/Muslims/Hindus/" etc?

Atheists don't believe in instant gratification. That's Televangelists.

10/22/2008 3:12:45 AM


Yeah, you know, *that's* it. I'm constantly seeing these Wall Street guys with Richard Dawkins books peeking out of their suitcase and FSM lapel pins on their designer suits.

And given that list of bad, awful, terrible things "militant atheism" supposedly caused, I'm surprised she didn't also include her kitchen faucet that keeps dripping and her ingrown pinky toenail.

10/22/2008 3:19:08 AM

Old Viking

Careful, Melanie. You can see for yourself how effective we are.

10/22/2008 4:12:32 AM


The use of correct spelling and good grammar is refreshing but the whiff of willful ignorance is still nauseating.

10/22/2008 7:54:04 AM


Scapegoat much?

10/22/2008 9:32:26 AM


I see this financial breakdown, moreover, as being not merely a moral crisis

Not MERELY? More like not.

10/22/2008 10:53:19 AM


Melanie Phillips: yet another writer who moved from mildly-left to the swivel-eyed religious right wing.

10/22/2008 11:05:16 AM


Pass the dressing, please.

10/22/2008 11:20:47 AM


Yes when the stockmarket crashes the first thing to blame is clearly atheism.

10/22/2008 11:21:30 AM


Ah Melanie Phillips. The UK equivalent of that crazy bitch, Ann Coulter!

One could point out that the financial breakdown is due to laissez faire capitalism and the general urge to make a quick buck rather than to use profits for the general benefit of all rather than extremly shiny shit for the few.

Or you could blame people who don't believe in God...

10/22/2008 11:22:22 AM


The sad part is, people are actually voting for McCain, who until the market crash, was an extremely vocal supporter of market deregulation. Lately, he's flipflopped on the issue, so apparently he's realised that regulation is fucking INSURANCE against this sort of thing. It's no wonder Canada, with rather high market regulation, hasn't been hit as hard.

10/22/2008 1:39:07 PM

Philbert McAdamia

mass fatherlessness

The bastards!

10/22/2008 2:02:44 PM



Suck it, loser!

10/22/2008 2:37:39 PM

The L

The first sentence is true. The rest is bullshit.

10/22/2008 3:03:44 PM


Yep. Blame it on us. It's all our fault. Bitch.

10/22/2008 3:04:04 PM


The times have changed
Our folks are getting worse.
They won't obey their god.
They just want to live free and blaspheme!
Should we blame the mormons?
Or blame the internet?
Or blame the images on liberal TV?
No! Blame atheists!
Blame atheists!
With all their hateful little eyes!
And flapping heads so full of lies!
Blame atheists!

And so on.

10/22/2008 3:43:33 PM

Jeff Weskamp

The root cause of the current financial breakdown?


10/22/2008 9:49:49 PM

@Jeff Weskamp

And who supported market deregulation? McCain. Who do Republicans support? McCain.

Republicans apparently want to elect officials who display ineptitude when it comes to decisions about our economy.

11/10/2008 7:55:08 PM


Take out the "moral crisis" part and your first sentence is the only one that makes any sense.

11/10/2008 8:43:22 PM

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