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your asking everyone else for proof so where is yours?how r a couple of scientists suppose to know what went on millions of years ago on a different Earth?WHERE IS YOUR PROOF?

moomoo4u17, ChannelOne.com BBS 12 Comments [10/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Carbon-14, asshole.

10/28/2008 3:06:28 AM

a mind far far away

A couple of scientists? A couple hundred, maybe? They know because they can interpret what the evidence shows based on tests and patterns. But what in the hell do you mean by a different earth? Where is your proof? And why don't you and all the other fundies go to this other earth, and leave our alone.

10/28/2008 3:09:03 AM


A couple /thousand/

10/28/2008 3:16:57 AM


The geologic record. It's much more accurate than the records kept by desert goat-fuckers.

10/28/2008 3:48:34 AM

That you have no idea how the scientific method works, doesn´t mean that others don´t.

8/12/2009 12:25:38 AM



We can say the same about you. Compared to what scientists have discovered, with the evidence to back up what they say, a mere book provides better proof, eh? So you claim a super-duper sky fairy 'created' this universe, this planet & all the life on it, yet you, nor he can actually show himself? WHERE IS YOUR PROOF?

And you wonder why we don't 'believe'?

8/12/2009 9:52:52 AM

Brainwashed 6-year-olds should not use the internet.

This is proof of that.

8/13/2009 1:43:20 PM

Dr. Gus

Fossils and radioactive dating techniques, along with geological evidence, how about that?

Your turn!

8/13/2009 3:21:42 PM

Caustic Gnostic

Geologic record, fossil record, astronomic record. Tens of thousands of scientists [including the 1000+ named Steve]. Billions of years.

The Permian Extinction, as a handy example, occurred about 1/4-billion years ago. The people who collected and correlated the physical evidence are always the best authority on this issue.

8/13/2009 9:31:27 PM


We have the fossils. We win.

8/13/2009 9:56:22 PM

Edumaction, learn me a book

I know fundies think there is only one book worth reading, but I would suggest you take up reading some more recent publications about stuff you try to disprove. If you do that, we actually might consider listening to your opinnions.

4/15/2010 4:03:11 AM

J. James

Excuse me? A different Earth?

Fuck it, I need to stop being surprised by these fucktards.

Apparently yours is the copious amounts of smoke you're blowing up everyone's asses.

8/4/2011 1:44:52 PM

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