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At Tuesday's school board meeting, the Scout leaders objected to the district not allowing the group to recruit students during school hours or during open house events after school. They said membership has fallen in the three Cub Scout packs and three Boy Scout troops that serve the district.

``If we let you come, we have to let just about everybody else come through,'' said Superintendent Dr. Kathy Myers Wunder.

Because of the Scouts' ties to religion, she said the district could not maintain a separation of church and state while giving the group access to students during school hours. The board also could not recognize the Scouts as a board-approved booster organization for this reason, Wunder said.

``This is a small community,'' said Ron Jordan, committee chairman for Brush Valley Cub Scout Pack 9. ``This isn't the big city. You believe in things. You believe in God.''

Ron Jordan, online.indianagazette.com 38 Comments [10/30/2008 8:09:25 PM]
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``This isn't the big city. You believe in things. You believe in God.''

I believe you're an idiot. No one should be soliciting in schools, irregardless of what group they are.

10/30/2008 8:14:23 PM

Churchy LaFemme

Surprise! Even small towns have atheists. Maybe your town isn't big enough to support three packs and three troops.

In any event, how does your inability to attract members become an issue for the school board? Go to the local churches and ask to recruit during their services.

10/30/2008 8:15:29 PM


I hate the boy scouts. They are a private organization when they discriminate against gays and atheists, and public when they get funding. Not fair.

10/30/2008 8:19:06 PM

The L

I don't care if everyone in the entire town goes to the same church, the classroom is not for recruiting!

(And this is from someone whose only complaint with any aspect of the BSA is the gay ban!)

10/30/2008 8:19:10 PM


Recruit in some other place.

10/30/2008 8:25:15 PM


Dear Ron,

Fuck you and your bigoted organization. Hard. You and your ilk should have considered all of the consequences before hitching a once good organization's star to the Religious Reich's political agenda wagon.

And your weird belief that small towns are somehow morally superior, incorruptible, and less seedy compared to large cities is a severe delusion.

Former Cub/Boy Scout, now grown gay male, Aethernaut

10/30/2008 8:35:19 PM


When I wasin Boy scouts, they weren't this bigoted... Then again, I went to Boy scouts in Canada.

10/30/2008 8:40:47 PM

Old Viking

This isn't the big city.

Now there's a cogent argument.

10/30/2008 9:25:12 PM


This isn't the big city. You believe in things. You believe in God.

Big city - small city - it's still the same manure.

10/30/2008 9:29:21 PM


which god, Roy?

Can you prove he's got the biggest dick?

10/30/2008 10:02:57 PM

Not really that fundie. But damn it, "irregardless" is not a word. Drop the "ir." [/pet peeve]

10/30/2008 10:05:34 PM


Yah, school district!!

10/30/2008 10:21:54 PM


This is the USA.
We believe in different gods and lacks thereof.
You will respect that.

The guy's 'we'll have to let everyone in' is accurate - Do you want a bunch of IRL atheist trolls recruiting kids for Satanism or something for the lulz?

10/30/2008 10:25:24 PM

Doctor Whom

When the whole "We're a private, religious organization" issue broke, I said that the Boy Scouts couldn't have it both ways. People laughed at me, but I've since been proved right.

10/30/2008 11:12:42 PM

a mind far far away

I live in a small southern town. There are atheists here. Just because you live in a small town doesn't mean you have the right to break the law of separation of church and state.

10/30/2008 11:20:16 PM


Stupid does not change whether you live in a big city or a small town, Ron. Dr. Wunder is right and you're a moron.

10/30/2008 11:40:07 PM


Finally, the Boy Scouts' religious bigotry is coming back to haunt them.

10/31/2008 12:24:13 AM


I'll take "Missing The Point" for $1000, Alex.

10/31/2008 12:38:21 AM

J. Random Lurker

To Ron:

Please sod off. Your discrimination against some boys because they don't believe in an invisible skydaddy invented by some Bronze-age goat sodomiser or they question their sexuality, or they have two boobs and a vagina instead of a penis only exposes the hypocrisy.

This discrimination itself violates several points of the Scout Law--namely Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Clean, and Reverent.

And for the record, I say this as one who went through the Scouting program, earned Eagle Scout rank, gained Vigil Honour membership in the Order of the Arrow, among other things--and am now an avowed atheist.

So with all due respect, again, please screw yourself.


J. Random Lurker

10/31/2008 4:41:26 AM


More of this and maybe (just maybe) national will get it through their heads that funding is not worth the loss of valuable membership caused by their choice to discriminate across the board.

Eagle Scout
Vigil Honor
Bisexual atheist

10/31/2008 5:13:56 AM


Wait, so it's okay to discriminate against males who don't want to fuck women, or who like the mens AND the womens, but it's NOT okay to not be allowed to recruit in a specific, secular location because you're a religious group? And your rationale is "this is a small town, fuck you non-believers"?

Typical fundamentalist logic. Let's see you allow an Islam-based scouts program into your schools...

-This small town, bisexual atheist female says, "FUCK YOU!"-

Vesper: Honestly, I wouldn't want any non-straight children in the scouts program, even if they stopped their "active discrimination"...it's not like those nice, fundie-raised boys will stop discriminating just because the grown-ups say, "Well, we have to be 'nice' to the little faggots..."

10/31/2008 10:01:54 PM


I believe you're getting kicked in the butt, Ron, for your bigotry against gays. You want to be a religious organization, then kiss the public schools good-bye. Payback's a bitch, ain't it?

11/1/2008 2:58:05 AM

Professor M

@The L --

FSTDT might not be the best place to trumpet your approval of a no-atheists rule.

Just saying.

11/1/2008 4:48:27 AM


Who cares? Boy Scouts suck.

11/1/2008 5:29:48 AM

Tired Christian

Boy Scouts are Christian? Really? You think I would know considering I was in one for a few years. Oh, that's right. I don't live in America.

@Professor M:
Let him go for it. I loved reading stupid comments.

11/1/2008 6:20:44 AM

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