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LOL...see evidence. Nonsense. When have you seen oxygen or hydrogen or nitrogen?

CRoadwarrior, Youtube 64 Comments [11/2/2008 7:28:21 PM]
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Grigori Yefimovich

No frozen sperm for you!

11/2/2008 7:32:15 PM


I think the important question is when have you seen your brain? Last I heard it was ruoaming the streets raiding peoples garbage.

11/2/2008 7:32:49 PM


This is just sad.

11/2/2008 7:35:55 PM


I've seen nitrogen plasma in a chamber, it was pretty. And I know it was nitrogen cause I put it there and shot microwaves at it.

11/2/2008 7:44:41 PM

Paschal Wagner

Hold your breath for five minutes and I'll tell you.

11/2/2008 7:45:23 PM

A Friend

I guess air is just magical jesus breath and water is god piss. Atoms, Elements??? That's for teh heathens.

11/2/2008 7:46:56 PM


You know, I was wondering when someone was going to ask this question. Srsly.

11/2/2008 7:48:09 PM


No more oxygen to you.

11/2/2008 7:51:09 PM


11/2/2008 7:51:53 PM

Old Viking

Or when have you seen God, for that matter?

11/2/2008 8:02:41 PM

Rat of Steel

Oh, this guy.

He sucks off the ass of VenomFangX, who in turn sucks off the asses of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. I wonder exactly what must cross his taste buds when he does that?

11/2/2008 8:10:24 PM


Last time I saw nitrogen was in its liquid form, some years ago in the biophysics lab during my study of biology

11/2/2008 8:15:41 PM

Quantum Mechanic

I'm looking at some right now.

11/2/2008 8:17:18 PM


In canisters and that it's part of the water molecule. YOU FAIL.

11/2/2008 8:17:41 PM


I've seen Nitrogen, in high school chemistry. I dipped my hand in it for about a second too, felt weird. Then we dipped grapes in it and threw them against the wall.

11/2/2008 8:32:48 PM


I've seen liquid nitrogen, and I separated oxygen and hydrogen with electricity in high school chemistry class.

11/2/2008 8:57:06 PM

Mr Smith

I've seen oxygen and hydrogen. I made flasks of it by splitting water with electricity.

11/2/2008 9:13:23 PM


I've seen and played with all three either in high school or university.
Now retard, show us evidence of god. The Bible doesn't count and neither does spreading your hands and going "See!".

11/2/2008 9:27:22 PM


If you can't see it, it must not exist! That makes perfect sense.
Wait. Nobody has ever seen GOD. Your argument is completely invalid. You fail.

11/2/2008 9:32:37 PM


So hundreds of millions of scientists, teachers, authors, and lab equipment manufacturers all around the world are part of some huge conspiracy to make us believe atoms and elements exist? And all of the testable consequences of the existence of atoms were fabricated?

11/2/2008 9:32:49 PM

a mind far far away

Hm...so since we can't SEE oxygen, or hydrogen, or nitrogen, that means they must not exist, and when we have things that contain those elements, it's not actually those elements, it's jehovah the benevolent sky fairy. 'The Wind', is actually a conspiracy by the evil evolutionists, so we can make and send tornadoes to destroy christians.

@Illuminatalie: it was in the back of my mind, too, but I was hoping, REALLY hoping, that no one was that fucking stupid.

11/2/2008 9:50:47 PM


Am I getting grumpier or are they getting supider?

11/2/2008 9:53:16 PM

doomie 22

This is oxygen, cooled to the point that it becomes a liquid. As you can see, oxygen is very real.

Thank you for playing. Next!

11/2/2008 10:01:22 PM


Congratulations, retard. You just lost your license to breathe.

11/2/2008 10:02:53 PM


I have one word for you, dumbass: Hindenburg.

11/2/2008 10:14:10 PM

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