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When I was young I was susceptible to chicken pox, then I got chicken pox, then I developed a resistance to chicken pox. I am an organism that has an immune system, I became immune I DID NOT EVOLVE. Antibiotic resistance is a complex immune system that defends a species (bacteria) but does not 'evolve' it.

Husband&Father, TheologyOnline Forums 11 Comments [10/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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I believe most of the individual parts of an adaptive immune system are sized on the order of an individual bacterium or larger. You just can't fit an immune system like that in a bacterium. It's doubly impossible for a virus, such HHV-3, which causes chickenpox.

Besides, the problem is more structural; membranes letting too much in, parts having certain shapes, etc. Mutations and other genetic changes alter these structural factors a little, thereby taking away an avenue of attack. This is not an immune system and things are only fixed in the children.

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Edit: This is ignoring the restriction enzymes of bacteria which cut up invading DNA, part of an \"immune system\" that's of no help against antibiotics.

1/1/2007 2:33:50 AM


Uh, sure. Whatever you say. Bacteria have an immune system.

1/1/2007 3:03:30 AM

Elfgirl M-chan

Individuals do not evolve, they adapt. Evolution occurs over hundreds/thousands/millions of years. We have our immune system courtesy of initial eukaryotic cellular development and evolution which millions of years later, our ancestors (the australopithicines et al.) had and carried through to us. Again...individuals do not evolve...species do.

Nice try, dimwit.

1/1/2007 3:23:17 AM


Somewhere down the road, humans may develop immunity for HIV as well. Having a defense mechanism coded in your genetic material which will kick in in the presence of HIV would be a sign of evolution.

1/1/2007 3:44:41 AM

David D.G.

Quite correct: You did NOT evolve. Nobody in their right mind should say that you did.

Your species, however, has evolved to the point that chicken pox is merely an annoying (usually childhood) ailment rather than a usually life-threatening one. Those ancestors who would have been killed by it in most cases probably WERE killed by it and so, most likely, never survived to breed, so any severe weakness to that illness was bred out of the species. THAT is evolution, which happens to populations -- NOT individuals.

~David D.G.

1/1/2007 3:57:48 AM

Damn Yankee

Hold up. Bacterial enzymes can chop up invasive DNA to make it useless? Holy shit, we have a new science project: make human cells develop similar enzymes and BAM, no more viral diseases!

1/1/2007 8:32:13 AM


Aside from world-class bubble-headed ignorance of DNA, this post encompasses another entire class of ignorance. Once you have Varicella zoster (chicken pox), you have it forever.

1/1/2007 9:21:24 AM


Correct. You did not evolve. And...?

8/7/2008 3:39:29 PM


Except for the small fact that an immune system is only present in a multi-cellular organism.

Typical fundie. When presented with proof of evolution, they just throw a strawman.

5/1/2009 10:04:55 AM


I don't think antibiotic resistant bacteria work the same way your chickenpox vaccination did, but I guess if you dumb everything down enough you get to the point where god must have done it.

4/18/2014 2:35:43 AM

Yet another moron that doesn't know how evolution works trying to tell the world how evolution works...

4/18/2014 7:49:44 AM

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