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Here are some stories that may cause you to make a wrong judgment: Adam and Eve--Noah's ark--Jonah and the Whale--Sampson and Delilah--Moses and the Red Sea--Joshua and the Walls of Jericho. Do you believe that they actually happened? Before you answer, here is the missing puzzle piece: God, has deliberately chosen seeming foolish things to confound those who think that they are wise. Who would believe such silly stories? --Certainly not those who have any pride or intellectual dignity. God has made the door of salvation so low, only those who are prepared to intellectually humble themselves can enter.

Ray Comfort, Ray Comforts Column 58 Comments [10/30/2008 7:05:20 PM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By: solomongrundy

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Ray are you a Poe? Your so funny.

10/30/2008 7:17:41 PM

A Friend

I'll tell you who would believe those stories. People who have lied to themselves and remain willfully ignorant as the modern world passes them by. People who just can't fathom the thought that the magical sky dude just doesn't exist.

Anyways, me thinks Kirk is packing Ray's fudge a little too tight.

10/30/2008 7:17:42 PM

Jezebel's Evil Sister

So your god wants to send the maximum number possible to hell? Why would anyone "worship" such a monster?

10/30/2008 7:17:47 PM



You must be this stupid to enter.

That is all.

10/30/2008 7:21:59 PM


So your God only wants idiots that are completely incapable of thinking for themselves. Why doesn't your God just require everyone to have a frontal lobotomy then and save himself the trouble.

10/30/2008 7:23:14 PM

captain hooker

I love how God gives us all this stuff then tells us to ignore it.

If I did that to my daughter they'd call it emotional abuse.

10/30/2008 7:25:36 PM


And yet, Ray Comfort is the diptard who came up with the banana argument.

10/30/2008 7:31:03 PM


Quit smoking banana peels.

10/30/2008 7:31:42 PM

Old Viking

This is funny. Then I see it's from the Rayster. ... only those who are prepared to intellectually humble themselves ... Ray's playin' it safe. He has intellectually debased himself.

10/30/2008 7:33:24 PM


I take great Comfort in the fact that if there had been a god, he would have sent this Ray-creature straight to hell. Luckily for Ray, no such thing as hell exists, so you are safe, you will die a natural death and rot in the ground afterwards.

10/30/2008 7:34:19 PM

Pedantic Twit

I'm stupid, therefore I'm right.

10/30/2008 7:35:58 PM


Isn't that deception? I thought God wasn't a deceiver?

10/30/2008 7:38:11 PM


Is he admitting that his religion is idiotic?

10/30/2008 7:39:31 PM


Ergo, God wants us to be stupid.

10/30/2008 7:43:02 PM


Actually this makes sense in fundieworld, remember Adam & Eve were kicked out of Eden for daring to think for themselves.

10/30/2008 7:50:48 PM


God made me smart, knowing I wouldn't believe in Him?

Seems like a douche move.

10/30/2008 7:53:41 PM

The L

"God has made the door of salvation so low, only those who are prepared to intellectually humble themselves can enter."

Translation: "You must be THIS stupid to be a Christian."

I'm sure my college-educated Christian parents (who know embellishment when they see it) really appreciate being lumped in with morons like Ray Comfort.

10/30/2008 7:57:58 PM

Ray... just like Kirk Cameron, are you saying that we need to become stupid to accept your sky-daddy?

Die in a fucking fire. The idea that you could be allowed to teach kids, let alone adults with this bullshit sickens me.

10/30/2008 8:00:28 PM


If it weren't Ray Comfort, I'd call this a Poe.

Could he be a deep-cover liberal?

10/30/2008 8:19:12 PM

"Do you believe that they actually happened?"

No. And I'm better-read than you are, so I know the mythic histories behind most of these plagiarisms.

"God, has deliberately chosen seeming foolish things to confound those who think that they are wise."

In other words, your god likes to play dirty tricks on people, then punish them for believing what he told them to believe. What a benevolent deity you worship. Also, improper use of a comma after the word "God."

"Who would believe such silly stories?"

1. Stupid people.
2. Brainwashed dolts such as yourself.

"God has made the door of salvation so low, only those who are prepared to intellectually humble themselves can enter."

Again, it sounds like your god enjoys psychologically tormenting people and slowly making them go insane through their denial of reality. Tell me again why you like this god character... ?

10/30/2008 8:28:04 PM


So, god deliberately built a stupid and nonsensical universe just to annoy rational people. That explains a lot.

10/30/2008 8:32:29 PM


I'm really starting to think that Ray is just an Epic Long Troll. I can't wait to see what happens when he finally reveals that he has been duping Christians for so long.

10/30/2008 8:45:10 PM

I can think of few people who are more "intellectually humble" than Banana Brain Ray.

10/30/2008 8:45:58 PM


Ray, you've got a dick for a brain. Your logic is that it's so fucking implausible that it had to happen and anyone smart enough to to call it like it is had better watch it, because God only likes people who have a dick for a brain.
Eat your dick Ray.

10/30/2008 8:51:47 PM


What the atheist hears: "Blah blah blah the bible is full of crap blah blah blah God is an asshole blah blah blah."

10/30/2008 8:52:39 PM

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