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If God did it, then He did it. Just because you can't extend your mind beyond your little box of naturalism, doesn't mean the supernatural can't or doesn't exist.

Magus55, Internet Infidels 8 Comments [10/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Can anyone say hypocrite?

Just because you can't extend your mind beyond why your god can't exist, doesn't mean he does

2/19/2008 12:18:50 PM


how do you win? we're either stupid cause we won't "get real. grow up" and believe in god or we're narrow minded because we live within the perimeters of reality.

2/19/2008 2:04:29 PM


So...which group are the ones questioning the nature of things again?

2/19/2008 3:29:51 PM

The Duelist

Sure. Keep telling yourself that.

8/27/2010 10:49:36 AM


No, the fact that the supernatural can't and doesn't exist means that the supernatural can't and doesn't exist. It's called reality, come join us some time. We have cookies and hot apple cider and pony rides and no bedtime, it's awesome.

3/17/2011 12:54:57 AM


Outside the box thinking refers to things within reality but out of the regular. Not taking one giant step into the impossible.

At the signpost up ahead, it's the Twilight Zone. That's what you're thinking of. Think of how much damage Serling could have caused with a fundie mindset, good thing he became a real spiritual leader.

3/17/2011 3:50:18 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Sorry scooter, just because you have an imaginary friend doesn't mean that I'm batshit crazy and pathetically stupid just like you.

8/28/2011 11:01:12 PM


Because making shit up is a sign of intelligence.

2/25/2013 9:50:58 PM

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