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Jonathan: Gen 1:6-7 says there is water above the firmament. Gen 1:17 says he put the sun, moon, and stars in the firmament. So where is that water again?

Me: Well that would mean space was filled with water, which is even more ludicrous

Jonathan: Why is that ludicrous?

Jonathan Sampson, Entertainment 38 Comments [11/2/2008 1:36:42 AM]
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Submitted By: Ethan

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Old Viking

Well the site is called "Entertainment."

11/2/2008 1:44:43 AM

Mrs. Antichrist

Because it goes against all of the laws of physics, for one thing.

11/2/2008 1:53:08 AM


Is this where they get that ridiculous argument that before the flood, the world was covered by a layer of water?

11/2/2008 2:03:33 AM


Because there just aren't cubic megaparsecs of water! Do these people realize how large the universe is?

11/2/2008 2:07:41 AM


"It is finished." per John 19:30
"My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!" per Mark 15:34-5 and Matthew 27:46
"Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit." per Luke 23:46

11/2/2008 2:41:39 AM


Possibly because it'd go against any and all observations about space? Maybe? Just going out on a limb to say that space isn't filled with water but rather, oh, a near vacuum? Nah, that's too simple and factually supported, they're right, it must be filled with water!

11/2/2008 2:45:32 AM


Put down your Bible and pick up a book on physics.

11/2/2008 2:54:09 AM

pryvat skool ftw

11/2/2008 3:23:20 AM


Because it's not filled with water, dumbass.

11/2/2008 3:45:10 AM


We've been up there. There's no water.

11/2/2008 3:51:28 AM


That would explain why our atmosphere was displaced by the jillions of gallons of water above us.

And why newer spaceships use propellers instead of rockets.

And why all the sun's light is blocked by the atmosphere [which is water now]

11/2/2008 3:54:19 AM


Because we already know there is no water in space. We've been there.

11/2/2008 3:58:45 AM



11/2/2008 4:24:42 AM


"Why is that ludicrous?"

The very fact that you have to ask this shows you're not up to par for such a discussion.

11/2/2008 4:35:15 AM


::smashes head thru drywall::

11/2/2008 4:39:11 AM


Take a wild guess.

11/2/2008 7:28:32 AM

Knight of L-sama

Actually there is a fair bit of water in space. It's pretty much all bound up in comets, but it's there and in fairly large quantities by terrestrial standards.

But certainly not enough to fill it by any stretch of the imagination. There might be a lot of water but there's metric giga-buttload more space.

11/2/2008 9:38:22 AM


Gravity motherfucker, do you understand it?

11/2/2008 11:30:10 AM

G Zimmer

The idea of a 'firmament' existed before men invented telescopes and realized that:

1. The universe is not geocentric.
2. Stars are really, really far away.

The only way you can believe in any sort of 'firmament' these days is to deny both points, thus making you a moron.

11/2/2008 11:30:23 AM

a mind far far away

You're kidding, right? Right? Please? This absolutely has to be a Poe, there is no fucking way that anyone is that stupid and ignorant. No way. Great, now my eyes are bleeding.

11/2/2008 11:37:07 AM


Because Space, as any fule no, is a VACUUM

11/2/2008 12:07:15 PM


Because it isn't!

11/2/2008 1:08:13 PM

Mister Spak

In space no one can hear you drown.

11/2/2008 2:45:50 PM


Space is filled with space and that's
why we call it space.

11/2/2008 3:42:54 PM


Space fish. Yum.

11/3/2008 2:53:33 AM

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