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(responding to a post in which a poster said that after a certain age you shouldn't spank your kids and that government schools are not evil)

It doesn't matter what your opinion is about the age of child being spanked. It's the parents decision to spank his/her child regardless of their age. I've known highschoolers who got a good whoopin from their parents when it was deserved, so that doesn't fly. There was no evidence of abuse, and his children have even said it was no big deal. Any charge is too much, there shouldn't have been charges brought at all. The teacher overstepped her authority in this matter, and now a father is facing felony charges. As far as govt. schools, they are not excellent. There are good schools and there are bad schools, but they do not all fall into the excellent category.

Also, I don't know of any state that considers all children, until they reach 18, wards of the state. Children DO NOT belong to the state, they belong to their parents. Where are you getting this stuff?

Edit to add: I really hope you mistyped here, and don't really mean what you said here, because if you do, then I consider you to be a very dangerous teacher.

NewWorldOrder, Rapture Ready 33 Comments [11/2/2008 12:28:12 PM]
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There's a difference between spanking and beating. It is everyone's job to intervene when they suspect domestic violence.

I find it ironic that a member of a crazed death cult would call another individual 'dangerous'.

11/2/2008 12:38:07 PM

G Zimmer

Huh, I almost half-agree with someone on RR for once (is that a flying pig out the window?)

Spanking only becomes abuse if it's done too forcefully, i.e. leaving bruises or welts, or without any justifiable reason. In reference to the actual news article, it wasn't the boy who was spanked that reported abuse, it was a teacher who probably didn't know anything about the situation. The boy even stated later that he didn't disagree with the punishment, and there's nothing in the article claiming he was hurt in any way permanently.

So yeah the teacher messed up, although I won't hold it against her because on the flip side, there have been far too many cases of actual child abuse where the child was too afraid to speak up to the authorities about the matter.

11/2/2008 12:44:18 PM

a mind far far away

I find it funny that someone over at RR has the name 'NewWorldOrder'. I thought that was the name of the supposed antichrist's one world religion. I guess they changed their minds, and forgot to send the memo.

11/2/2008 12:48:26 PM


In your head, anything from the real world is dangerous.

11/2/2008 12:50:46 PM


A parent has the care of a child, not ownership.

11/2/2008 1:15:26 PM


The teacher's not at fault. By law in most states, (if not all, I know it's the case here) teachers are required to report abuse or possible abuse to authorities. If the kid said, 'My dad kicked my ass last night!' then the teacher is obligated to report that, whether they agree or not. But the article doesn't give enough information to know if that was the case.

11/2/2008 1:30:26 PM

From the article this story is in:

"A June 7 report from the Divine Savior Healthcare emergency department indicated that the boy had slight bruising on his buttocks"

So the teacher didn't mess up.

The arguement that the kid said he deserved it holds no water with me either. I grew up in an abusive home and I never would have admited to someone that my father was wrong even if directly questioned.

11/2/2008 1:36:12 PM


Striking a child is plain child abuse. Striking a young adult is likely to provoke a return blow - and properly so. It is also a criminal offence.

11/2/2008 1:45:06 PM

Rat of Steel

I'm in agreement with G Zimmer on this one.

Though others may disagree with me (in fact, a few have done so in this thread), and I don't think less of those who do so, there is a difference between corporal punishment and physical abuse.

25 years ago, when I was in junior high school, I was quite the class clown. I quickly went past the "stern warning from the vice-principal" rungs on the discipline ladder, and proceeded to grow quite familiar with the sharp sting of said vice-principle's large wooden paddle.

Now, I obviously would've preferred not to get paddled, but even back then, I wouldn't have called it abuse. In fact, anyone suggesting that it was abuse would probably have been laughed at. I shudder to think of what it would be like to grow up nowadays, where authority figures at home as well as in schools are so reluctant to impose proper discipline, until it gets to the point where the police need to get involved, after which only then is there any talk of "zero tolerance". Seems to me that too many people have forgotten the old adage about an ounce of prevention being equal to a pound of cure. *sigh*

That being said, I also agree that, because of the all too many cases where kids actually are abused, the teacher wasn't being over-protective in doing what she did.

A mind far far away is spot-on as well, regarding the OP's choice of handle. *glances over at his irony meter/power generator hook-up* There's another day's electricity for my domicile taken care of. Thanks, NWO!

11/2/2008 2:25:04 PM

Mister Spak

"his children have even said it was no big deal."

And if they didn't their father would give 'em another "whoopin".

11/2/2008 2:29:56 PM


Rat of Steel, I should've known you, of all people, would be in favour of spanking.

11/2/2008 2:36:32 PM

Rat of Steel

(@ Mortok)

Touche. *grins, then laughs*

11/2/2008 2:57:36 PM

they don't belong to anybody except themselves.

11/2/2008 3:15:16 PM


I'm sorry, but if anyone lays their hands on me, they're getting beat. Including my parents. NO ONE has the right to touch me if I don't want it. Parents do NOT own their children, you sicko.

11/2/2008 4:06:04 PM


Children DO NOT belong the their parents. They belong to themselves. Screw off. Go found your 'NewWorldOrder' somewhere else.

11/2/2008 4:44:43 PM


If you feel the need to spank a child of highschool age, then I'd suggest your means of discipline isn't working.

11/2/2008 4:51:33 PM


If the boy truthfully meant it when he said he agreed with it, it was because the punishment was over in a minute. And bruises heal quickly, so spankings are useles in the long run, with the child being able to justify that 5 minutes of discomfort for hours of entertainment.

11/2/2008 5:03:49 PM

Angelica Einstellsehn

Children don't 'belong' to anyone. They're not objects.

#792026: I'm with you. I used to get rather kicked around and was always quizzed on what to say about my bruises afterwards, and about why I did wrong.

11/2/2008 6:36:18 PM


I wonder how many parents found out their kids were too big to spank when the kid was the one to punch them out in the attempt.
As was aptly stated by ChrisInManc, if you are still disciplining your high school aged child by physical punishment, you done fucked up.

11/2/2008 6:55:51 PM


I consider you to be a very dangerous teacher.

Oh the irony.

11/2/2008 7:13:13 PM

Thinking Allowed

Children DO NOT belong to the state, they belong to their parents.

Not all parents deserve to have thier children.

11/2/2008 7:17:07 PM


"I've known highschoolers who got a good whoopin from their parents when it was deserved, so that doesn't fly."

I've heard of people getting raped, so is that automatically okay?

11/2/2008 7:29:52 PM

Old Viking

Me good parent. Me hit.

11/2/2008 7:33:52 PM


There is surely a difference between spanking and actual domestic abuse, sure. But it's fucking creepy for adults to spank kids older than about 10 or 11.

11/2/2008 8:10:13 PM


I can't believe the abuse apologists in that thread, especially the asshole who said sometimes you have to leave some bruises to get your kids to behave. What the hell? If my husband manhandled me to the point of leaving bruises I could have him arrested for domestic battery. Why shouldn't it be considered battery just because a child is involved? If anything it's worse, because I child cannot defend him or herself the way I, as an adult, could.

11/2/2008 8:14:15 PM

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