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AMMAN, OCTOBER 27 - Police authorities launched a crackdown campaign against homosexual men who gather in public places in Amman as part of official efforts to fight "immoral behavior," a police source said today. Four gay men were arrested earlier this week after they were ambushed by secret service in a public garden in west Amman, the source was quoted by al Ghad Arbic daily today. "The men were each kept in solitary confinement at Jweideh prison, south Amman, in order to separate them from other prisoners to avoid sexual relation with other inmates," said the police source. The four men, whose names were kept secret due to sensitivity of the issue in this tribal country, remain in prison without charges and authorizes refuse to release them on bail. Amman military governor, Saad Manasir vowed to continue the campaign "until all forms of sexual misconduct are ended." The governor has the right to send citizens to prison for two months without charges "if he felt their freedom represents danger the society," according to the Jordanian law. "Homosexuality is on the rise in Jordan and they have certain gathering areas as they look for a chance to practice immoral actions," the police source was quoted as saying, as he indicated number of homosexuals is believed to be 600. Jordan's law bans homosexuality and any man caught having sex with another man faces up to four years behind bars, but the law is rarely practiced.

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Is Amnesty aware of this?

10/30/2008 8:06:35 PM



10/30/2008 8:10:10 PM


Apparently, a gay man standing quietly in a garden is some kind of crime.

10/30/2008 8:15:03 PM


What? Pathetic, barbaric ignorance and cruelty in an Islamic country? You're kidding me!

10/30/2008 8:19:48 PM

Another "wonderful democracy" in the Middle East (which receives hundreds of millions of dollars in our foreign aid annually).

10/30/2008 8:36:17 PM

Old Viking

Our own fundies are following this closely.

10/30/2008 9:37:59 PM


They will arrest gay men and put them behind bars with other men who are far away from any sexual release...

Think it through...

10/30/2008 10:02:59 PM


Christians disaprove this... only because they are islamic.

10/30/2008 10:16:35 PM


Unless they were making out or having sex, there is absolutely no justification for this.

10/30/2008 10:38:23 PM


"The four men, whose names were kept secret due to sensitivity of the issue in this tribal country,"

I want everybody to read that very carefully.

What they're saying is that as bad as this law is, the general Jordanian public is worse.

I have a feeling if these men were in the hands of the folks-on-the-street rather than the police, they wouldn't merely be imprisoned, they'd be lynched.

10/31/2008 1:30:50 AM


I wonder if Christains would try this? But since this is an Islamic country they disaprove of it.

10/31/2008 5:24:12 AM

G Zimmer

Well at least they're not publicly stoning the guys to death. Jordan is a paragon of civilization compared to Iran and places in Africa.

And that's not saying much.

10/31/2008 5:51:31 AM


@ aaa

They are, but the butthurt sandniggers that would pop up because of the complaints are something to look out for after that.

They are like pop rocks when you toss them into cola.

10/31/2008 7:17:34 AM


I can't say it very often any more but this report really does make me proud to be an American.

10/31/2008 2:03:10 PM


This is absolutely sickening. It makes me very thankful that while gay rights have a ways to go here, it's nowhere NEAR as fucked as this.


No, they did. They're in solitary to prevent such things from happening.

10/31/2008 2:28:02 PM


Doing it up the ass = immoral?

Well, just call me a demon.

10/31/2008 10:14:11 PM

hope the police keep up the good work
alaa ma7aco be gay in islam is rong so
hope that jordan dont have that.

4/12/2010 12:16:48 AM


Open displays of homosexuality might be on the rise in Jordan. The actual amount of homosexual people is probably the same as it has always been.

I will never understand how/why two men having sex is more immoral than a woman and a man having sex, or two women having sex.
Anal sex is not exclusive to gay men, ya know. Anyone with an anus can have anal sex. Why did God/Allah/YHWH put the prostate gland where it is and made it an erogenous zone?
I don't think sex is immoral at all. Intentionally hurting other people is immoral in my book.

4/12/2010 12:33:08 AM


It's rather baffling how moronic this is.

6/15/2011 11:01:43 PM

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