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[Q: In your opinion, what religion do you think is dumb?]

Atheists. They dont believe in anything. Sounds pretty contradicting to me!

askme!, yahoo answers 61 Comments [10/30/2008 10:40:32 PM]
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Just because they don't believe in your god does not mean they don't believe in anything.

10/30/2008 10:42:13 PM


Yeah, like I believe there may still be hope for mankind.

Ok maybe not, but you get the idea!

10/30/2008 10:47:21 PM



10/30/2008 10:49:15 PM


Atheism is not a religion, it is the absence of religious belief. What the fuck is so difficult to understand?

10/30/2008 10:51:12 PM


1. we are not a religion
2. hmmm, I can't see any logic in your point

10/30/2008 10:54:37 PM


For fucks sake...

10/30/2008 10:55:29 PM


Actually, proper atheists positively belive in no god.

10/30/2008 11:07:14 PM


A contradiction can only occur when you have two propositions, one of which is logically the opposite of the other.

Since you only have one proposition there, I feel justified in asked: contradicting what?

10/30/2008 11:26:40 PM

Old Viking

I believe I'll ignore you.

10/30/2008 11:31:34 PM


Contradicting what?

10/30/2008 11:36:14 PM


There is something wrong with every part of your answer.

10/30/2008 11:50:33 PM

a mind far far away

It's only contradicting to you, asswipe. Atheism is, for the last time, NOT a fucking religion. You said it yourself. We don't believe anything. So how is that contradicting? Oh, right, because to you, atheism is a religion. Now my head hurts.

10/30/2008 11:52:43 PM


It's been said before, but:

Atheism : Religion :: Bald :: Hair color

10/31/2008 12:00:53 AM



10/31/2008 12:27:02 AM


Yah...us atheists are completely beyond belief, aren't we...

We try for "knowing" and "understanding".

10/31/2008 12:50:08 AM


When you can spell "contradictory", I'll believe you have the mental capacity to identify it.

10/31/2008 2:45:21 AM



Atheists are people, not a religion. Atheism isn't even a religion you git.

"They dont believe in anything."

I believe in many things. Ideals mostly. Certainly not an invisible man in the clouds.

"Sounds pretty contradicting to me!"

I fail to see how and I'm pretty sure you're incapable of explaining it to me.

10/31/2008 3:49:02 AM

Philbert McAdamia

It just dawned on me that the reason fundies can't grasp that we have no religion may be that they think we must have something to cling to, as they do. "Not believing in" something translates to not believing in anything, or a big zero, since there has to be an object of worship, not just the absence of one.

Like the gold statue of a zero I have on a pedestal on my Alter of Darwin as part of the shrine to Athe, to which I kowtow thrice daily. When I'm away I carry a small statuette of Zero Mostel and whisper little nothings to it.

10/31/2008 4:28:21 AM


Atheism isn't a religion and where's in the blue Hell do you find a contradiction?

10/31/2008 5:42:39 AM


Um. What?

10/31/2008 6:01:44 AM


Atheism is not a religion and define "contradicting", moron. Why are they always so damn stupid?

10/31/2008 6:12:50 AM


Try reading this out loud to yourself a couple of times, that might help your understanding of the upcoming, admittedly complex sentence.

Atheism is not the same as nihilism!

10/31/2008 6:49:49 AM


Atheists do not believe in any of the 2500+ man-made, one-true, all powerful gods and their associated demons, angels and devils that man has dreamed up throughout his history.
As a result we do not have the phobias and paranoia that some religions rely on to survive, especially the missionary religions.
We do not have to dream up untrue stories or generate lies about others to further any cause.
We are tolerant, believe what you want to believe, debate what you want to debate, but to use lies or threats to cajole us invites disaster.

10/31/2008 7:18:01 AM


I have my beliefs. I just don't believe in any form of deity.

10/31/2008 10:38:48 AM

Carbonated Margarine

So what you're saying is, if your aunt's balls had wheels she wouldn't bump her ass on the ground when she whistles Dixie.

10/31/2008 1:33:31 PM

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