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[More bullshit science from our good friend Dr. Ahmad Al-Muzain.]

The Prophet Muhammad said: "If a fly falls into your drink, you should dip it in the drink, and then dispose of the fly, because one of its wings bears a disease, and the other wing bears the cure."
This hadith was included in the Al-Bukhari collection.
This hadith makes it absolutely clear that the Prophet Muhammad confirmed a clear scientific fact: If a fly falls into a vessel - before a person drinks from this vessel, he should dip the fly in his drink, before disposing of it.
Then he should drink the beverage, because it won’t do him any harm.
Why? Because one of the fly’s wings bears the disease, and the other bears the cure.

In Germany, the Church paid a very large sum of money to two scientists to disprove this hadith.
Since this hadith appears in the Al-Bukhari collection, we cannot claim that it is unreliable or anything, and so they thought that if they could prove that this hadith contradicts science, they would be dealing a devastating blow to Islam.

The scientists took samples from the wings of flies, and began to examine them, analyze them, and take samples from their surface, in order to expose what existed on each wing.
The devastating result constituted a slap in the face.
The truth was devastating, and it backfired on them.
The two scientists reached an astounding conclusion.
They said that on one of its wings, the fly carries a huge amount of different types of bacteria, which adhere to it when it lands on rotting pieces of food that it eats.
As for the other wing, Allah has given the fly the great ability to carry the antidotes to these microbes.

When Bayer, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, learned about this study, it derieved great benefit from it.
It established biological breeding farms, where they would raise flies and extract antibiotics from their wings - the stronges antibiotics in the world.
This antibiotic is made into a course of five pills, which is given to the patient, and it is used - believe it or not, my brother - to treat AIDS patients.
It strengthens their immune system, and destroys all types of microbes with which they are afflicted.
This is all thanks to the power of this antibiotic.
Obviously, this antibiotic is very expensive, and one course costs more than $500, but it is very strong and effective.
How did they discover it?
From this hadith.

Did the Prophet Muhammad have labs to carry out research?
Did Abu Bakr know anything about entomology, parasitology, or bacteriology?
Of course not.
Absolutely not.
So how did they make all these scientific accomplishments?
The only logical conclusion is that this science was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad by the Creator.

Dr. Ahmad Al-Muzain, YouTube 58 Comments [10/30/2008 8:27:17 PM]
Fundie Index: 12
Submitted By: Tom S. Fox

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Is this supposed to be coherent?

10/30/2008 8:31:11 PM


Or, lying.

10/30/2008 8:32:00 PM


Now thats an impressive amount of bullshit.

10/30/2008 8:33:12 PM


You'd think I would have heard that AIDS had been cured.

10/30/2008 8:36:46 PM


[citation needed]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/30/2008 8:37:38 PM


I'll be sticking with proven, modern medicine, thank you. You can have my flies though.

10/30/2008 8:39:36 PM


Where did this "doctor" get his graduation diploma from? The printer?

10/30/2008 8:42:07 PM


10/30/2008 8:42:39 PM

If this is true, its really cool. But I don't think it is, or we would have heard about this long ago. Lying for Mohammed is still lying.

10/30/2008 8:56:59 PM


We need some new word to describe this. "Bullshit" is inadequate. Elephantshit doesn't even come fucking close. In terms of shit, we're looking at the excreta of an organism at least the size of earth's moon in order to even begin to encompass the content of this post.

10/30/2008 8:58:14 PM


...uh? I don't see how dipping the fly would make the drink safer to drink, even if it supposedly carried the antibiotics.

10/30/2008 9:11:41 PM

Old Viking

The Prophet drew flies constantly, so he knew what he was talking about.

10/30/2008 9:20:17 PM


Please give me "Word Salad" for a thousand, Alex!

10/30/2008 9:25:55 PM


Came here for [citation needed], left a happy man.

10/30/2008 9:35:29 PM


I'm writing in small sentences.
It's supposed to create dramatic tension.
It does not.
It's actually rather annoying.
Fifty bucks says this guy doesn't know what he's talking about.

10/30/2008 9:47:55 PM


The only logical conclusion is that he's talking out of his ass.

10/30/2008 9:48:35 PM


Strange coincidence that I only find these claims on muslim websites.
The only claims on western websites that I find say, that there can be found some antibiotics on the surface of flies (which are currently being researched) and that some fly species are hazarduous for your health, as they carry antibiotica resistant bacteriae.

No word however about flies carrying hazarduous bacteriae on one wing and antibiotica on the other one, or from bayer using the antibiotica from flies to produce a medicine against AIDS ;)

10/30/2008 9:48:54 PM


Usually there is an element of truth in there at some point in these stories. But this one is a bald faced lie with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

10/30/2008 10:07:33 PM


Did you know that Allah paid two scientists a large sum of money to prove the Qu'ran was factual? And that upon close examination, they discovered that it was composed entirely of pigshit?

Did the Prophet Muhammad own pigs?
Did Abu Bakr attempt to make fertilizer out of pig-feces?
Of course not.
Absolutely not.
So how did the scientists discover this?
The only logical conclusion is that the Qu'ran was written by a pig using its own dung to 'ink' the page!

10/30/2008 10:08:59 PM


How did they keep the microbes all on the one side of the fly?

And why would a fly generate anti-biotics on only one wing?

Obviously the microbes aren't affecting the fly. Why would it even develop them at all?

10/30/2008 10:21:12 PM


[Citation Totally Fucking Needed]

10/30/2008 10:41:06 PM


Apparently Muhammad promotes rampant bullshit

10/30/2008 10:48:51 PM


[Did the Prophet Muhammad have labs to carry out research?
Did Abu Bakr know anything about entomology, parasitology, or bacteriology?
Of course not.
Absolutely not. ]

Well duh. Those things were not even around in their time.

[The only logical conclusion is that this science was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad by the Creator. ]

How do you know he didn't lie?

10/30/2008 10:49:28 PM


Ahahahahahahaha!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

Ahahahahaha!!!! Aha, ha, haaaaaaaaa!!!


10/30/2008 11:20:38 PM

a mind far far away

The level of stupidity in Islamic science never ceases to amaze me.

10/30/2008 11:23:16 PM

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