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In response to “…Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve America, by setting a goal that all middle school and high school students do 50 hours of community service a year…”

In this plan, there will be no compensation for the work put forth by these teens. There will only be the labor – forced labor. There was another time in our country when there was forced labor. This is one of the saddest times in our history, a time where men bought and sold other men in slavery. In this case, people will not be bought and sold, but our children will simply be confiscated.

That’s right, it is the goal of the Obamessiah to create a new ‘slave class’. I realize that the word ‘slave’ in this context is a powerful word that brings a lot of emotion. It should. Slavery was a horrible crime perpetrated on the world’s population. However, in the United States, this crime was perpetrated in the past. The Obamessiah is seeking to reinstate slavery.

Bro Randy, Teens-4-Christ 63 Comments [11/10/2008 3:03:51 AM]
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Submitted By: solomongrundy

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I want to punch this guy in the ovaries.

11/10/2008 3:08:48 AM

Observable Reality

50 hours of community service a year is less than one hour a week. Clearly, doing things like working in homeless shelters or cleaning highways for a total of 50 hours a year is exactly like being forced to pick cotton all day, every day during the picking season, under pain of whipping for not meeting quotas. Clearly, giving something back to the community is just as bad as knowing that your family can be split up at the whim of someone who sees you as subhuman.

Incidentally, don't a lot of youth pastors actively encourage community service?

11/10/2008 3:10:34 AM


"I realize that the word ‘slave’ in this context is a powerful word that brings a lot of emotion."

What you don't realize, though, is how ridiculous it would be for a black man to bring slavery back to our country.

11/10/2008 3:11:05 AM


Volunteer work: exactly like slavery!

That aside, I wonder how all of these people missed the fact that many high schools *already* require community service hours and the world has not yet collapsed.

11/10/2008 3:12:16 AM


I think you might hate Canada very much Randy. Canadian high schoolers have to do 40 hours of community service before they can graduate. It's not slavery, it's community building, something you fundtards don't understand.

11/10/2008 3:13:14 AM

Sub Cera

Wow, obviously we're dealing with a man who knows his history.

Point 1.) The black slaves worked and toiled for their owner's profit. These kids will be working to better their communities, not to help put cash in some rich white farmer's pockets.
Point 2.) These community service hours are intended to help alleviate the tax burden on families by letting them write off the CS hours on their taxes. The blacks of the old South worked just so their owner wouldn't whip them to death.

11/10/2008 3:13:20 AM


Still hitting that special Kool-Aid, eh Randy?

11/10/2008 3:18:50 AM


Other than the group this was posted in and (arguably) the use of "Obamessiah" this isn't very fundy. It's also a pretty reasonable perspective for a teen, IMHO. They don't have control of their own lives or destinies and requiring them to labor for the community is forced labor. I'd like to think that most teens would do this work anyway, if asked, but making it mandatory does strike me as unethical. Wow, did I just sort of agree with Bro Randy? Madness.

11/10/2008 3:20:40 AM


Idiot, it isn't forced labor as nobody would have to do it. They would just be encouraged to do so with the offer of a tax credit for anyone who is interested in it.

11/10/2008 3:20:51 AM

Jesus H. Christ

Hey bro randy, GROW A FUCKIN' PAIR.

11/10/2008 3:21:04 AM


yeah, i dont see the big deal. i had to do 25 hours of service my senior year of high school. i got no compensation for it. OH NOES, ITS COMMUNISM.
i really like the part where college students do 100 hours of service and get 4k towards college. i dont know about these fundies, but i sure would appreciate some help.

11/10/2008 3:21:18 AM


Community service =/= slavery

11/10/2008 3:27:53 AM

Old Viking


11/10/2008 3:29:03 AM

Sweet Lao

Isn't he proposing free college for community service? How is that no compensation?

11/10/2008 3:32:05 AM



11/10/2008 4:22:50 AM

Thinking Allowed

Obama isn't forcing anyone. He's asking people to volunteer. Big difference there Randy.

By the way, you ain't my "Bro". I have 2 bros already.

11/10/2008 4:23:15 AM


Is that why you never did your homework in school? Forced labor?

11/10/2008 4:34:23 AM


Says a guy who proudly opposes interracial marriage

11/10/2008 4:36:35 AM


Sources from Obama's administration for this please.

11/10/2008 4:37:46 AM


@ Pinkie, agreed.

On another note, when I was in school I had to have 100hrs by the end of 12th grade (25-per year was recommended, of course) or I couldn't graduate. And borderline 30 credits. Grueling? Yes. Slavery? No, you sick ass.

11/10/2008 4:53:07 AM


You know...I doubt you would have to do the 50 hours all at once.


11/10/2008 5:02:06 AM


Encouraging community service is good, but the government forcing students to do community service is a form of involuntary servitude, which was outlawed by the 13th amendment. Yes, I know it's not nearly as severe, but it's still forced labor and therefore unconstitutional.

Obama seems to be for the former and not the latter, so it's not a problem. Bro. Randy is just being willfully ignorant here (Surprise, surprise).

11/10/2008 5:15:27 AM

BrendanJD beat me to it. We had to do 40 hours signed off in high school just to pass. It wasn't that bad, and it was good for the resume.

11/10/2008 5:22:29 AM


If I wasn't laughing so hard I'd be pretty disgusted by this

11/10/2008 5:44:58 AM


In this plan, there will be no compensation for the work put forth by these teens.

That's why it's called community service. Just be glad he isn't proposing National Service like they have in Israel.

11/10/2008 5:50:16 AM

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