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Athesist are to be pitied. They are so clueless that it boggles the mind. I can not wait to see them all bowing and declaring Jesus is Lord. What a day that will be. I just pray that I will have a compassionate heart because I do picture myself standing up and saying 'Ha in your face, told you He was real.'

Teresa, Rapture Ready 20 Comments [11/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Well, you're sure going to be disappointed, aren't you?

Someone's clueless here, and it's not the atheists.

1/31/2008 9:54:55 PM


Pride is a sin. See you in Hell.

1/31/2008 9:56:53 PM


Acting like a little child does not impress anyone.

1/31/2008 10:10:02 PM

Tomby Stone

Yeah, WE'RE pathetic. I can't wait to see your face when you find out Sammy Davis Jr was the one true prophet.

1/31/2008 10:14:27 PM


And as you're dancing before us, you feel a divine boot in your ass.

It's really funny. The more vehemently a person announces their belief in Jesus (Or the more rabidly, anyways), the less like him they tend to be.

1/31/2008 11:09:19 PM


The situation is good, just reverse the roles.

1/31/2008 11:18:52 PM


Well, you just hold your breath and wait for that to happen, OK, Punkin? In the meantime you might amuse yourself by sittin on your pity and spinnin.

1/31/2008 11:42:48 PM

Doctor Fishcake

"Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth: Lest the LORD see it, and it displease him, and he turn away his wrath from him."

- Proverbs 24:17-18

1/31/2008 11:45:38 PM



1/31/2008 11:46:51 PM


So nyah! Thhhhhhhhhbt!

2/1/2008 12:27:49 AM


I am waiting for that day too.

Except with the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

That would be "Off the Chain".

2/1/2008 1:29:38 AM

Hawker Hurricane

When both of us are being judged by Ma'at with the feather of truth, I'll turn to you and say "Looks like we were both wrong."

2/1/2008 3:13:33 AM


There's that famous christian love, over there, see? Here, use this magnifying glass.

2/1/2008 4:01:07 AM


Oh yea, well when you die and nothing happens......well, I guess the atheist's "I told you so" fantasy isn't quite as satisfying.

I guess I'll have to just make the best of the time I have.

2/1/2008 5:51:34 AM


Of course you do.

2/7/2008 11:34:30 AM


Ah, the famous Nelson Muntz approach to theology.

2/7/2008 11:36:28 AM


How about I stand and say "Jeebus is Lard" will that do?

2/7/2008 7:21:54 PM

Caustic Gnostic

Jesus ain't Lord. Jesus, if he really lived and loved when they say he did, is undeniably dead.

I think you got him mixed up with some other concept.

2/7/2008 7:36:47 PM


Dare to dream.

2/8/2008 5:34:10 PM

At least she admits to being a bitch. That's more than most do.

2/8/2008 6:44:50 PM

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