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The whole thing about Atheists is that hate God, that is the base of their "mind set" by being Atheist they prove God's existence, for they connot be Atheist unless they have somthing to Atheiate. They are eaten up by pride and or live vicious lives. They wish to be free of God so they can enslave themselves in sin. No Atheist has every searched for the Truth. They deny God and therefore deny Truth, and by denying truth they deny their very existence.If they truly look for God they will find Him

AngelicDarius, Youtube 66 Comments [11/18/2008 3:41:58 AM]
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So....if I describe the Invisible Pink Unicorn to you, and you choose not to believe it.......you acknowledge it's existence?


You phenomenal idiot.

11/18/2008 3:49:10 AM


If by sin you mean Cube2, then maybe.

11/18/2008 3:50:48 AM

Duck On Skates

"Atheiate"? I've never heard of this word.

And this whole "looking for God" business is how I became an atheist.

11/18/2008 3:51:54 AM

colonel catastrophe

Actually: "atheism" comes from the word "theism" meaning a belief in supreme being(s). Atheism, of course, then being the opposite of theism. Atheiate is a word you just made up, like everything else in your little world.

11/18/2008 3:52:37 AM


Err, actually people who really do LOOK for God, rather than just mimic what their parents do usually turn out to be atheists.

11/18/2008 3:54:10 AM

Old Viking

I try to atheiate discreetly, and only in months that have an "R" in them.

11/18/2008 3:56:53 AM


FOUND HIM. Wait, he disappeared in a puff of logic. Damn.
BTW, no such word as Atheiate. FEWL.

11/18/2008 4:01:42 AM


Oh lol, he claims to have proof of God. Brb, private message for Jesus time.

11/18/2008 4:03:47 AM

Brian X

"atheiate"? I'm not sure which bothers me more -- the faulty logic or the klutzy neologism.

11/18/2008 4:04:59 AM

atheiate. :-D

roflwafl, etc.

11/18/2008 4:28:05 AM



Is that even a fucking word?

11/18/2008 4:31:47 AM


I think it's english, but it makes no sence.

11/18/2008 4:36:49 AM

Allegory for Jesus

Have these people ever heard of other religions, or do they just like to pretend that they don't exist when trying to define atheism through the suppositions of their own belief system?

11/18/2008 4:41:23 AM


"they connot be Atheist unless they have somthing to Atheiate"

Brilliance. I don't know where you people come up with this stuff. No Poe could ever try to write that badly. She'd sprain her brain trying.

Thank you for that. Best laugh I've had all day.

11/18/2008 4:51:37 AM

a mind far far away

"The whole thing about Atheists is that hate God" It's pointless to waste energy hating something that doesn't exist.

"by being Atheist they prove God's existence" So what about all those other gods and goddesses? So if someone is an atheist, or the fact that there are atheists, does that mean Allah exists? What about Zeus? Pan? Brahma? The FSM?

"for they connot be Atheist unless they have somthing to Atheiate" First, that's not how atheism works. Second, what in the hell is 'atheiate'?

"No Atheist has every searched for the Truth" The point of atheism is that we have spent our lives looking for the truth, and have found that the truth is that there is no god.

"They deny God and therefore deny Truth" God and the truth are mutually exclusive ideas.

"and by denying truth they deny their very existence" A new realm to atheism. We don't even believe in our own existence. Does that mean the Buddhists are right, that reality is just an illusion?

"they truly look for God they will find Him" Again, most atheists have looked for god, and the whole reason we are atheists is because he could not be found.

11/18/2008 4:54:00 AM


Atheiate. A verb. Atheiating, atheiated.
We're going to atheiate the shit out of you!

11/18/2008 5:14:46 AM

Random Man

I will atheiate them all!!!

11/18/2008 5:18:41 AM


Tell you what. You let us Atheiate in peace, and we'll leave you alone to Christify.

11/18/2008 5:38:10 AM


"for they connot be Atheist unless they have somthing to Atheiate."

Ha! That is the funniest thing I have read for SO long.

These people just cannot wrap their heads around the fact that we do not believe what they believe. They have to turn it into a hate thing. Just because they hate everything does not mean that the rest of the world has to.

11/18/2008 5:51:01 AM



11/18/2008 6:21:39 AM


Who can I hate something that doesn't exist?
I have been a theologian for 56+ years, and been atheist for the last 23 years when my search finally found the bullshit that religion was based upon.

11/18/2008 6:37:33 AM

Captain Obvious

Atheiate? Admit it, you just made that word up.

What would that even mean, to not god? Theiate seems like it would be the verb form of god, to god. Which I'm not entirely sure how you would do that.

11/18/2008 6:42:31 AM



11/18/2008 7:04:52 AM




11/18/2008 7:26:58 AM


How can you hate something you don't believe exists?

11/18/2008 7:53:32 AM

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