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Why are Christian WOMEN so afraid of their God-ordained ROLES?

GOD created man and woman for seperate purposes. Man is the primary breadwinner, woman is his helpmeet. What is so scary about that? Why do women reject the idea of submission to men if it is in God's plan??

"God made me a strong-willed, independent woman with a mind of her own. If he had a designated "role" for me that was nothing more than a slave to a man, he wouldn't have made me this way.

You have some serious issues."

No Rachel God did not make you that way stop using God as an excuse for your depravity.

Saved by Grace, Yahoo! Answers 41 Comments [11/18/2008 9:30:12 AM]
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Submitted By: Jax

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"stop using God as an excuse for your depravity. "

Irony, much?

11/18/2008 9:39:10 AM

Jaces Ci

i bet i could fucking beat you in a fight, because his noodleness is on MY side!

11/18/2008 9:44:24 AM

Dan Onymous

Why do they keep going on about women being 'help meets'? 'Meet' just means 'suitable for' as in Eve was created as a help meet for Adam - a helper suitable for Adam. A 'help meet' isn't a thing!

11/18/2008 9:48:21 AM


So you´re a man SbG, I already guessed it. As usual the principal supporters of a suppressive system are those who most profit from it.

Is your self-esteem so low, that you cannot endure living together with women who don´t see men as their god-given masters?
Too bad if you cannot. Maybe then you should migrate to some of the few countries where the Shariah is law, as in a western country you won´t find too many women who like to be dominated by you.

11/18/2008 9:52:50 AM

See, I don't accept that God (assuming it exists) did have it has 'His' plan. The bible sez that alright, but the bible was written by, gosh - MEN! There's no way it was written/inspired etc by God, so it has no relevance to how I live my life.

Just like it says the Jews are the Chosen People but it was written by, gosh - JEWS!

What ARE the odds?

So anyway, in summary, you haven't proven that it's God's plan at all.

(Even if it was, doesn't mean we have to follow it, but that's another discussion!)

11/18/2008 10:08:49 AM



11/18/2008 10:21:04 AM


Please stop alleging that God made everything as it is and simultaneously accusing others for being abominations that have somehow stepped outside of God's plan.

11/18/2008 10:21:11 AM


Well, I'm a lesbian. Men don't really attract me in the least.

11/18/2008 10:27:20 AM

Schizo angel versus filth

I agree - stop using God as excuse for your own depravity, fundies.

11/18/2008 10:40:29 AM


Shit if I had treated my wife like this she would have left me a long time ago.

Maybe this is why the divorce rate is so high with xians.

A help meet is an equal partner not a surrogate or a concubine but hey I guess when you take your advice from misogyny goat herders, then it is no wonder.

11/18/2008 10:49:16 AM


"You have some serious issues."

Could be the most highly polished mirror of 2008.

11/18/2008 11:05:51 AM

Princess Rot

You think a concubine should just drop into your lap ass-naked because you exist? Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

11/18/2008 11:17:59 AM

Paschal Wagner

Sharia for Christ!

11/18/2008 11:18:05 AM


Actually it is rather depraved to insist that women are not the equal of men and should bow to every male whim and serve. Grace, it is you who are the depraved one, really. In fact, I suspect you are a man manquerading as a woman. Like drag much?

11/18/2008 11:55:54 AM



Rachel said that, not SbG.

11/18/2008 11:57:17 AM

Doctor Whom

God did not make you that way

So it was Satan who gave Rachel a mind of her own? Are you sure you're worshiping the right one?

11/18/2008 12:17:26 PM

Lucky you, if you encountered one of those submissive helpmeets from the Bible, Deborah, she might cut off your nuts and feed them to you

11/18/2008 12:24:58 PM


Stop using your god as an excuse for your stupidity!

11/18/2008 1:07:48 PM


Because all of these purported "God Ordained" rules and regs were written by weak men, who wanted their women weaker, so fuck off.

11/18/2008 1:14:37 PM


821290, Deborah was not so much with the chopping off of bits. You need Judith for that.

11/18/2008 1:28:53 PM


A REAL man does not need a 'submissive' woman...only an insecure wimp needs that.

11/18/2008 2:36:42 PM

Poppy Pomfrey

Why are Christian Men so afraid of women who actually use their brains?

11/18/2008 3:56:24 PM


If I am going to basically enslave half of the population I need more then just your opinion that this is what god intended. In fact, I would like to start by seeing any evidence, any at all, for god's existence. Otherwise, I will have to conclude that you are a complete and utter douchebag.

11/18/2008 4:01:14 PM


Of course not. God just gave her free will, the country she lives in probably upheld that free will, and SHE decided she wanted to be independent.

What have you got against free will?

11/18/2008 4:12:34 PM


See, that's how you can tell that it's a troll, and shouldn't have been posted here.

11/18/2008 5:15:48 PM

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