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actually no, because we are being persecuted by everyday run of the mill secularists, daily. Not extremeist atheists once every ten years..

hayden, POD Warrior Forum 15 Comments [11/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Matty The Red

2/18/2007 5:37:51 PM


Aren't you the guys that burned witches? STFU.

2/18/2007 5:59:00 PM


Alright... take Stalin, Mao and all the other commie leaders will ya? But then, whos the one who did the Spanish Inquisition, the Holy Crusade, the Red Scare(they got rid of a lot of gay people in the US government, I think), witch burning, gay bashing, etc.

8/4/2007 5:17:01 AM


I have said this before, but here we go again.

You describe your persecution to any Kurd, Armenian, old Jew, Iraqi Shiite, Pakistani Christian or Kosovo-Albanian.

They'll tell you what persecutin is REALLY like.

8/4/2007 5:34:33 AM


How terrible it must be to be hayden. Imagine the persecution of having your religion's holidays and sabbath imposed on everyone else! The infernal torment of cnostant self-righteousness! The horrible, horrible luxury of assuming everyone around you is of your religion while retaining the right to bitch about imaginary Others who are out to get you because you really get off on that idea but will never have to face the reality!!

How long will You let Your children suffer so? HOW LONG, O Lord?

8/4/2007 5:54:23 AM


Arrrgh! Dammit, how many times must I define "persecution" for these people?! That's it, I'm not doing it again. They can just look it up themselves.

8/4/2007 9:12:09 AM


Aw, come on people.

Let them keep their persecution myth. It makes them happy. Like, it gives them the notion that they are worth something.

8/4/2007 12:06:08 PM


They use it too much, though. This is almost as bad as the one in the top 100 about persecution being a justification for "being rewarded someday." Remind me to ask my local priest about the Premium Persecution Points Plan. How many Persecution Points do I need before my flight to Heaven gets a seat upgrade?

8/4/2007 12:12:45 PM

Things Fall Apart

And so, once every ten years, the extremist atheist would awaken, squeeze itself through the vents into the homes of Christians, persecute them, then finally make a nest out of newspaper and bile where it would sleep for another ten years.

8/4/2007 12:27:44 PM


ThingsFallApart: I just got this whole Lovecraft vibe from that. Nice job! :D

8/4/2007 12:32:24 PM


BlackWolf, that was an X-Files episode.

Good image, though, TFA!

8/4/2007 1:10:41 PM


Ah. I've actually only seen a few episodes of X-Files, most of them in the second or third seasons.

8/4/2007 1:29:42 PM


8/8/2008 7:26:07 AM


Listen, moron, refusing to live by your religious values or let you indoctrinate our kids is not fucking persecuting you. Grow up.

8/8/2008 8:55:37 AM



8/28/2012 1:47:36 PM

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