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[Thread headed 'Online Charter for Religious Harmony']

The world doesnt need one religion or many. All you need is Bible believing Christians saved by Grace!

TexasThunder, Rapture Forums 47 Comments [11/20/2008 10:03:07 PM]
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We hear this so much but if by some sick miracle the fundies got their wish and every non-christian on Earth just 'went away', how many hours do you think it'd be before the different sects where at each others throats? First its those weirdo mormons, then the heathen universalists....

11/20/2008 10:08:54 PM


That IS one religion, fuckface.

11/20/2008 10:17:11 PM

Bored One-time Poster


11/20/2008 10:19:54 PM

Mister Spak

Nobody is saved by any infidel grace. You are only saved by the 5 pillars of islam.

11/20/2008 10:21:21 PM

a mind far far away

He almost got it. The world doesn't need any religion. You should have stopped right there. Then you wouldn't have looked like a retard (my apologies to those who have Down Syndrome, I meant no offense comparing you to a fundy fuckwit).

11/20/2008 10:39:46 PM

The L

Um...if we need Christians, then the world does need one religion. Christianity is a religion.

I think what we really need is for more people who believe in the Bible to also believe in Noah Webster. He invented something called a dictionary. Try using it.

11/20/2008 10:42:22 PM


Who's Grace?

11/20/2008 10:46:41 PM


Shot self in the leg.

11/20/2008 10:50:27 PM

That would be a religion...

11/20/2008 10:50:31 PM

Old Viking

This Grace. Is she a hottie?

11/20/2008 11:06:47 PM


I agree. The world doesn't need one religion. The world needs no religions. No Islam, no Judaism, no Hinduism, etc. And no Bible-babbling Christians saved by grace!

11/20/2008 11:37:20 PM


Which parts of the Bible?

*infighting continues*

11/20/2008 11:40:43 PM


I see what you mean! Christianity isn't a religion, it's a cult. All we need is just one big cult of retardeds!

11/20/2008 11:58:10 PM


Fuck you, I have Ra and only Ra.

11/21/2008 12:02:46 AM


...saved by Grace!

....Ew. Grace is my boyfriend's homocidal ex.

Rather die than be saved by that bitch.

11/21/2008 12:05:45 AM


@#824431: Then again, considering that pretty much all sane Christians aren't "true" Christians, and just fundies are left over, could you imagine how badly the world would collapse? They'd probably starve.

11/21/2008 12:12:42 AM

FSM>The Buy-Bull

11/21/2008 12:30:44 AM


Yeah, I NEED them all to run off a cliff.

11/21/2008 12:31:31 AM


but you guyyys! Christianity isn't a _religion_! it's a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GAWD!! *gags* ouch. hurt to even say that.

11/21/2008 12:43:31 AM


The seven-year-old's argument: The world doesn't need one religion or many. All you need is MINE because I'm right and anyone else who disagrees with me is wrong, 'cuz I said so! So there!

11/21/2008 12:46:05 AM


"All you need is Bible believing Christians saved by Grace!"

I think you meant, "All you need is FSM believing Pastafarians, saved by Sauce!"

11/21/2008 1:04:03 AM

Philbert McAdamia

Hmmm, must mean Gracie Allen.

11/21/2008 1:40:33 AM

"The world doesn't need one religion or many." Good point!
"All you need is Bible believing Christians saved by Grace." DONG, DONG! You just contradicted your first sentence, since you now claim the world needs one religion(which just so happens to be yours I bet).
Congratulations, you have just won the, "It was the best of times, it was the worst times, make up your damn mind Charlie! award".

11/21/2008 1:43:51 AM


That, uh, that is the one thing we *don't* need, there.

11/21/2008 2:06:48 AM

Captain Obvious

And that is why we can't have nice things.

11/21/2008 2:20:51 AM

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