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Quote# 52554

Original question by WaitingForHim

My 6 year old daughter just woke up from a dream - and she was scared. I asked her what her dream was about - and she said that in her dream - she saw a huge, bright light above bright that she couldn't even look at me - and then, all of a sudden, I disappeared.
[Yeah! dancing smilies]

I wonder if she's prophectic? [Hmm smiley]

Response by Barachem

A dream after which your 6 year old daughter is scared is most likely not good and probably either product of her imagination or a demonic attack.
This looks also like an alien abduction dream as well as the rapture, but the weird and alarming thing is that your daughter didn't disappear as well.

WaitingForHim + Barachem, Rapture Ready 69 Comments [11/20/2008 1:59:04 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
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Neither. Of. You. Are. Human.

11/20/2008 2:00:40 AM


Or maybe all of your constant talk of the raptard has scared the living shit out of her? I used to have similar dreams back in the mid Eighties when everyone was talking about nuclear war.

11/20/2008 2:03:57 AM


Or... like... she had a nightmare?

Just sayin'.

11/20/2008 2:06:04 AM



11/20/2008 2:11:09 AM


" ... either [a] product of her imagination or a demonic attack."

I thought you Fundies believed that imagination WAS demonic.

11/20/2008 2:11:17 AM


"she saw a huge, bright light above bright that she couldn't even look at me - and then, all of a sudden, I disappeared."

Y'know what that sounds like? It sounds like a nuclear explosion happening above/behind you, followed by your prompt "disappearance."

--what? You thought I was gonna say "teh rapture?"

Also, your six-year-old daughter had just dreamed that one of her parents had disappeared right in front of her. Of course it scared her.

11/20/2008 2:15:07 AM



Maybe dreams are influenced by what you hear and think about IRL?

11/20/2008 2:15:13 AM

A dream after which your 6 year old daughter is scared is most likely not good and probably either product of her imagination or a demonic attack.

Well gee, I wonder which one of those is more likely...

11/20/2008 2:21:58 AM

Allegory for Jesus

Dreams are just dreams. Stop being credulous about EVERYTHING.

11/20/2008 2:22:07 AM


See, there's this thing called a nightmare. Kids have 'em. A lot. Especially young kids, like 6 year olds. However, even though I know she's not, I hope she is prophetic - I really want you to magically disappear so that someone with a bit of reality in their mind can be the one to raise her.

11/20/2008 2:23:26 AM

Philbert McAdamia

Maybe the dream was god smiting your sorry ass with lightning.

11/20/2008 2:25:05 AM

a mind far far away

Nightmares, I hear young kids have them, even adults do too. They're a common thing when we sleep, like dreaming, but they're scary. You should try using common sense instead of fairy tale logic.

11/20/2008 2:27:25 AM

Bunny Boy

Mmmm... fruitcake...

11/20/2008 2:29:36 AM


You people aren't fit to parent a pet rock.

11/20/2008 2:30:55 AM


She was scared of how it happened. It was nothing like what she wanted. There was no fire.

11/20/2008 2:43:32 AM


I don't recall ever having a nightmare of my mother disappearing while a child, but I did have a dream that a big green monster was coming after me and I couldn't find her. (I was also, I believe, 6 at the time.)

I woke up calling for her and got to spend the rest of the night in my parents' bed. Hopefully, you similarly comforted your child instead of just confirming her fears by blabbering on about The Rapture.

And I totally agree with anonymous: probably just a rational fear of disappearing brought on by all of your irrational beliefs.

11/20/2008 2:51:39 AM

Jesus Klingon

When I was a little kid, I once dreamed that I was surrounded by snakes and my shoes were really heavy so I couldn't move around very quickly. And then I woke up.

11/20/2008 2:51:53 AM


So the kid was raptured by psychic demon aliens. Obviously.

11/20/2008 2:53:49 AM

Old Viking

Utterly divorced from anything resembling reality ... all of them.

11/20/2008 2:55:20 AM


Haha! My first reaction was 'alien abduction' too. Equally as plausible.

11/20/2008 3:07:05 AM


Strap her to the bed and splash her with holy water.

11/20/2008 3:14:40 AM


Oh man, unbelievable. They set you up with the first story then BAM! Demons.

11/20/2008 3:14:57 AM


LOL she's gonna be left behind.

In the words of Homer Simpson: "-gasp- IT'S THE RAPTURE! Quick, get Bart out of the house before God comes!"

11/20/2008 3:19:09 AM

Duck On Skates

Or maybe that rapture nonsense you keep blabbering at her is giving her nightmares.

11/20/2008 3:21:32 AM

It's called a nightmare, all children have them.

11/20/2008 3:22:22 AM
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