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(Can anyone tell where the "weeding out" occurs? All I see is asking if you own a gun.

"President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team is showing its hostility toward lawful firearm owners by “weeding out” job applicants who own firearms themselves, a Second Amendment group says.

The Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) notes that question 59 – part of a 63-item questionnaire given to Obama administration job applicants – asks for information about firearms owned by the applicant and his or her family.

Found in the questionnaire’s “Miscellaneous” section, question 59 reads, “Do you or any members of your immediate family own a gun? If so, provide complete ownership and registration information. Has the registration ever lapsed? Please also describe how and by whom it is used and whether it has been the cause of any personal injuries or property damage.”

CSNNews, RaptureReady 28 Comments [11/22/2008 11:20:19 AM]
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I think I can kind of see why they might want to know if anybody working in the West Wing owns an illicit firearm ...

11/22/2008 11:21:30 AM


I think that question could be there so they can reduce the number of people that think he is the AC applying for jobs then using their guns to try and kill him. I know its an evil idea but maybe just maybe he doesn't want to get shot while in the white house.

11/22/2008 11:27:29 AM


This is known in business and political circles as "Covering Your Ass". As nit-picky as the press is, the discovery that members of Obama's new government have unlicensed firearms would turn into a media circus. I don't see hostility toward gun owners here, I just see an incoming government making sure all the "i"s are dotted and the "t"s are crossed.

11/22/2008 12:09:34 PM


To ba fair later in that thread one of the repturtards does point out that this is the PUS they are talking about and it's really just a routine security question.

11/22/2008 12:21:06 PM

Mister Spak

Bush showed hostility toward Americans when applicants for his administration were asked "do you oppose Roe vs Wade?" and anyone who didn't were rejected. Better remove that beam from your eye before you post on the internet.

P.S. I don't believe this story in the first place seeing how it comes from the same people who were in hysterics about Obama being a muslim.

11/22/2008 12:32:21 PM


Gee, don't want some two faced SOB who is packing iron near the soon to be POTUS. Care to bet how many, other than Secret Service, were allowed to carry guns near Bush?

Z E R O.

11/22/2008 12:46:26 PM


What's wrong with that question?

11/22/2008 12:51:03 PM


Yeah, why should it matter if gun-wielding maniacs are working in the white house?

11/22/2008 1:17:37 PM


As a UK subject, I really don't see what the big issue with guns in the USA is. Not being allowed to own an assault rifle is no big deal.
Yes, you have a clause in your constitution to allow the drafting of a militia. No, that doesn't allow you to form your own private army. Unless you're Halliburton.

11/22/2008 1:37:58 PM


solomongrundy, they're afraid that any minute now you guys will rush over there, forcing them to re-fight for independence.

11/22/2008 1:56:08 PM


There's a good reason for that. Nobody wants a potential hitman near you.

11/22/2008 2:06:12 PM


Personally, I hope that in the future we will live in a civilisation with no guns anywhere, except for hunting, collecting and sport, obviously. I don't care very much for those death devices.

11/22/2008 2:32:35 PM


@solomongrundy and Mortok: If you read the writing of the Founding Fathers ( Jefferson first and foremost) you will find that the Second Amendment was made to try to keep the Goverment in check.

11/22/2008 2:32:44 PM


um....I think if you're going to work with the President they may want to know about the guns and ownership. It's a logical question.

11/22/2008 2:54:38 PM



The point is that industrial/military companies like Halliburton now hold the real power, not the government. The USA just organizes wars on their behalf and then has them rebuild the countries with tax dollars afterwards.

The Second Amendment has long since failed, how can I buy shares in Weyland-Yutani?

11/22/2008 3:07:19 PM


If I were president I'd want to know exactly who that has access to me also has access to firearms.

Then again, I would probably be a bit paranoid...

11/22/2008 4:10:22 PM


I'm pretty sure every president since, like, Hoover has had that sort of thing in place.

11/22/2008 4:41:19 PM

doomie 22

Knowing exactly how many people have daily access to both the president and a gun is absolutely necessary for security. For that matter, the link doesn't even say what the answer to that question is used for, so all the "He's gonna steal mah guns" posts are just baseless speculation.

11/22/2008 5:54:53 PM


Seems like a fair enough question to me. After all you want to be able to plan effectively for the worst case scenario after you fire someone for incompetence.

11/22/2008 6:37:48 PM

Standard for many government applications, I'll bet that it was on the Bush team applications too.

11/22/2008 6:57:36 PM


solomongrundy: Man if you buy shares in W-Y, it'll be game over, man! Game over! What the fuck are we gonna do then? What are we gonna do?

11/22/2008 7:23:20 PM


Lets see,

1. we can find liars. If you say you don't own any guns, a quick check can tell them if your a liar.

2. What kind of guns you own can say a lot about a person. I would personally trust someone who lists a couple of shot guns, a .22, and a .306 over someone who lists an arsenal of handguns and automatic weapons

3. He's had the most death threats of any President-elect, ever. I don't blame him for being paranoid.

11/22/2008 8:47:12 PM

That's to avoid scandal over unregistered firearms or unintentional injuries in the past, not to weed out those who own a gun.

11/22/2008 10:13:19 PM

Old Viking

Yes, that is unreasonable. It would be better if the president packed heat himself, and practiced his quick draw technique.

11/22/2008 11:55:43 PM


Valid questions....

11/23/2008 5:09:29 AM

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