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... evolutionists will go to a site like Dr. Dino and search it with a fine tooth comb for some tiny little point that they think is easy to falsify. But then when you bring up one of the major points he is trying to establish, they run for cover.

JohnR7, Christian Forums 13 Comments [11/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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H. Faustus Arash

...because most of them are allergic to bullshit.

10/27/2008 6:17:05 PM


PROTIP! When someone walks away shaking their head, that does NOT necessarily mean you won.

10/27/2008 7:05:43 PM


Um, but I don't need a comb, the whole site is bullshit.

9/18/2011 2:49:25 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Lie much?

3/15/2012 12:38:04 PM


The "major points he is trying to establish" are the Godidit ones. Of course they don't touch that with facts.

However Hovinds misrepresentations of science, mythical ice canopy concept and scientic conspiracy claims are all easily disproved. Apparently you believe these to be minor points as you, in the end, will never waver from Godidit and will, to that end, accept Hovinds "mistakes" as minor or unimportant to the larger message.

By the way, before jail Hovind did many radio shows and admitted on these that many of his concepts were wrong and he had made claims about scientific mistakes that were also wrong, as callers pointed them out to him on the live shows. Some of this is on You-Tube, as are video presentations that demonstete when he's cornered he'll deny some of his concepts or deny stating them at all only to continue using them in later debates or writtings.
He's a scam-Artist that has misjudged his audience or opponents many times. He thinks, deep down that everyone can be fooled by bullshit or cower before the preacher delivery.

3/17/2012 8:05:35 AM


The major points that Hovind is trying to cover are that Genesis is literal history and the planet is around 6000 years old. And they are wrong.

3/17/2012 11:28:43 AM


"evolutionists will go to a site like Dr. Dino and search it with a fine tooth comb for some tiny little point that they think is easy to falsify"

No need. Because just two years later...!

And come 2015, when you bring up one specific point to Kent Hovind: Tax. He holds his arse and winces, reflexively. >:D

3/17/2012 1:05:43 PM


The most major of his points is him making money out of gullible fools like you.
Regrettably, for him, the State was not as gullible as you are...

3/17/2012 2:06:40 PM


we don't need a fine-tooth comb to find something easy to debunk. Everything Kent says is easy to debunk. And most of us are frankly sick of the same old pathetic arguments over and over again.

12/16/2012 11:42:36 AM

they dont run, they just cant speak because teh stupid - it burns , and ROFL.

12/16/2012 2:58:32 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Lie much?

4/28/2013 5:59:03 AM


"fine tooth comb" my ass. A broken leaf rake owns Hovind.

4/28/2013 11:42:32 AM

Quantum Mechanic

John lies a lot.

9/28/2013 10:08:51 AM

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