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Re: Why do you oppose gay marriage?

1. Virtually every social science study shows that children reared by a mother and a father in a household is best. Mothers and fathers bring both their inherent, unique qualities in raising children.

2. Homosexuals are by far the most promiscuous group of people. There lack of monogamous commitment would further undermine the institution of marriage as it should be

3. With the approval of gay marriage homosexuals will and can brainwash children about their deviant lifestyle. Homosexuals were dishonest when they said Proposition 8 had nothing to do with school curriculum.

Bruyeres, IMDb 15 Comments [11/23/2008 9:17:39 PM]
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"Homosexuals are by far the most promiscuous group of people."

Then don't let promiscuous people of any sexuality have kids.

You freaking idiots, you're all 'oh they're bad because they're promiscuous'

Even if you had the numbers to back that up, that's still a huge fuck-up! If that's why you hate homosexuals, then just hate promiscuous people and don't confuse the two attributes!

"With the approval of gay marriage homosexuals will and can brainwash children about their deviant lifestyle."

Yes, and fundies brainwash THEIR children about religion. This is why we have free information, and we do our best as a society to repair the damage, but preventing it in any case is futile.

11/24/2008 12:50:52 AM


1. While I agree that a child needs a good male and female role model, this can easily be an aunt/uncle/neighbour. Or do you want to rip children away from their widowed mothers?

2. Wow, you don't know much about teenagers do you. From 16-19 it was just a hump-fest for me. Oh, and I'm heterosexual.

3. Prop 8 had nothing to do with school curriculum. Their already trying to teach children that it's okay if their gay, and that if your not you should be tolerant of those that are. Unfortunately these kids have to go home to idiot parents like you.

11/24/2008 7:07:52 AM


Chance the record.

11/24/2008 8:32:01 AM


You know what group spread lies about Prop 8? The yes group, not the no group. So fuck you.

11/24/2008 9:38:11 AM


11/24/2008 11:13:18 AM


1. No. They help enforce Gender Roles in their children so daughters are like mummy and sons are like daddy. We find it odd and discomforting for someone who is comfortable in their sexuality since it highlights the discomfort in ours.

2. No they are not. They are just as promiscuous as straight people.

3. No. You have to want to be romantically involved with another man to be gay. You can't indoctrinate people into it. Hell, I went to an all boy's school. We all thought about "Am I gay" atleast once. Then we discovered "we were teenagers and just wanted to hump something and that vaginas are in the school next door." Some of us wanted men, and that's fine.

11/24/2008 12:08:25 PM


And when NONE of this happens, what will you say?

11/24/2008 12:17:12 PM


I thought there being more hetros, they would make up the majority of promiscuous.

11/25/2008 2:38:03 AM

Newton's Bitch

Homosexuals are by far the most promiscuous group of people? Really? Because I would have gone with Swingers.

11/25/2008 5:02:47 PM

a mind far far away

With #1, unless the two homosexuals are clones, then I'm pretty sure they're not going to be exactly the same.
With #2, you obviously don't know many heterosexual teens.
With #3, you're paranoia isn't real, go get on some meds, and then lose the whole 'brainwashing' bit. Christians are much better at brainwashing anyway.

11/25/2008 11:31:00 PM


So, let's take kids away from single parents!

11/26/2008 7:51:55 PM


Yes, all studies so far have shown that children who have both a mother and father generally turn out better, but that's opposed to having a single parent. Few studies have been made of the children of same-sex couples, because the testing group is too small as of yet, but there's been nothing so far to indicate that it's any better or worse than heterosexual parents.

11/26/2008 11:13:03 PM

How to make something not to make any sense at all.

12/30/2008 11:54:25 PM


1) Okay so we should also prevent straight single parents from raising children.

2) The fact that gays are even fighting for marriage disproves your second point.

3) Here's some brainwashing by the religious reich. You are being dishonest by saying prop 8 would force churches to marry gays. There's religious marriage, and civil marriage.

6/26/2009 6:40:47 PM



exactly why we strictly forbid single parents to raise their children


so you're accusing them of polygamy and you don't think this has anything to do with them being unable to mary (besides the fact that it's a gross prejudice about gay people being polygamous


I'm quite sure the only thing that will come trough legalizing is gay marriage is making a ~5% of the population a lot happier

you sir, are a bigoted piece of intolerant FAIL!

3/18/2012 7:32:16 AM

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