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(Can Christians buck down demons?}

WE can't but God can, and He can do it through us. This gives me the opportunity to mention an interesting dream I had just prior to waking this morning.

I can't remember all of it, but I do remember the end of it. In the dream I was with a group of people when we discovered that one "person" was a satanic being. One man started quoting scripture at the creature, and being a singer I started singing praises to God. As I did that I put my hands on his face, and the creature shriveled up and fell dead at my feet--looking like someone who had been dead a long time.

Jon-Marc, Lampstand Study 33 Comments [11/25/2008 11:19:02 PM]
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It's William S Burroughs' Interzone, in reverse...

11/25/2008 11:22:23 PM


WE can't but God can, and He can do it through us.
And that is an important distinction to make. Don't try to face a winged reptile-humanoid monster that breathes fire and wields a supernatural pitchfork, all by yourself! Simply speak the words and your body will be a conduit for God's demon-fighting power (that also acts to heal the tiny rips in the space-time continuum). Believe me, this happens all the time.

11/25/2008 11:33:44 PM


Once you dream a demon, it's yours.

11/25/2008 11:39:15 PM

Doctor Whom

You had a dream? Well, I know I'm convinced. I'll see everyone at church.

11/25/2008 11:40:32 PM


Yes, and we all know dreams are a great foundation to base your beliefs on.

Well, I guess I'm off on my pink unicorn to have sex with 26 beautifull women on a my very own castle in the sky.

11/25/2008 11:41:45 PM


"WE can't but God can, and He can do it through us. This gives me the opportunity to mention an interesting dream I had just prior to waking this morning."

Someone obviously hasn't read his bible. Not only are you supposed to be able to cast out demons, but you can walk on water, move mountains, and drink poison with no ill effects.

The fact that you can't really do any of these things should tell you something.

11/25/2008 11:46:14 PM


I once dreamed that I was eaten by a T rex. I guess dinosaurs still roam the earth, since I dreamed it.

11/25/2008 11:53:22 PM

Old Viking

When I hear "an interesting dream I had" I'm out of there.

11/26/2008 12:48:19 AM


You have weird dreams, J-M.

11/26/2008 12:50:33 AM


Pfft, everyone knows demons don't dream...

11/26/2008 12:53:35 AM

I'm thinking you had your hand on your dick.
You put your hand on it, and it shrivled up and went limp..

11/26/2008 1:29:06 AM

Allegory for Jesus

Your dream sounds like it was a music video.

11/26/2008 1:37:58 AM

Reverend Jeremiah

Yeah, dreams are pretty cool and weird sometimes..just remember they are only imaginary.

11/26/2008 3:52:52 AM


Yeah but it was a dream.

11/26/2008 4:14:25 AM

Rat of Steel

Nietzsche once said, "Be very careful lest, in casting out your demon, you cast out the best thing in you".

Also, am I the only one who applied Rule 34 to the phrase "buck down demons"?

11/26/2008 4:28:25 AM


I had a dream where I banished an evil spirit by praying. Then God asked me to do something with some purple ashes.

And I don't go prancing around the internet claiming I work for God.

11/26/2008 4:28:56 AM


Well, Harry Potter did that to Quirrell, but he was only able to since his mum loved him so much...You wouldn't happen to have an Oedipus complex would you Jon?

11/26/2008 4:48:33 AM


Gayest. Superhero. Show. Ever.

11/26/2008 4:49:18 AM


Can you catch something from 'bucking down'?

11/26/2008 6:49:23 AM


Off the drugs, kid.

11/26/2008 7:10:54 AM


Since you cannot kill a demon, I can only conclude that you are hereby admitting to murdering a fellow human being. Go to the police at once!

11/26/2008 10:30:18 AM


... I started singing ... and the creature shrivelled up and fell dead at my feet

Tough crowd. Not even Simon Cowell goes to such lengths.

11/26/2008 2:19:30 PM


If I heard you singing I'd probably shrivel up and fall dead at your feet. Especially if you sang that ghastly shit that christian "rockers" pump out.

11/26/2008 11:32:26 PM


Jon-Marc. Such a gay name for such a tough guy.

11/27/2008 12:23:58 AM


WTF is "buck down" supposed to mean?

Your dream was just. A. Bizarre. Dream. They happen. Hell, I had one once that I was a vampire slayer (the vamps were all low-IQ types) -- doesn't mean a damn thing, other than maybe I kinda like the idea of sticking a sharp, pointy stick into stupid people.

11/27/2008 1:58:38 AM

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