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(PDF filed with the California Supreme Court, pg. 13:)

I submit that I am fully God and fully human in nature, and currently I am on earth dwelling among the human race. My fully God nature is Messiah's sibling in the Holy Trinity's family. I am the third Person and the youngest person in the Almighty Eternal Creator's family. I currently reside on Earth and I am the sole heiress of Almighty Eternal Creator. My declaration is based on the Genuine Holy Bible, especially the Gospel of John and the Book of Revelations that are full of revelations regarding the truth of my identity and my authority over humans on earth, given to me by the Master of the Universe, who is Almighty Eternal Creator!

D. Q. Mariette Do-Nguyen, Heiress The Almighty Eternal Creator

(the whole thing is batshit insane)

Mariette Do-Nguyen, Letter to the California Supreme Court, re; Prop 8 (PDF file) 55 Comments [11/25/2008 9:29:27 PM]
Fundie Index: 14
Submitted By: C_V

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X-Acto Dyke

I dunno... if He-Man gave her the authority over humans who are we to question it?

11/25/2008 9:33:45 PM

Captain Obvious


How the hell can one person contain so much crazy all at once.

11/25/2008 9:35:34 PM


The truly sad part is Mariette Do-Nguyen probably has followers who believe her.
Just for shits-and-giggles, we should set her up with the author of mom of 9's place (see next post) and let them duke it out.

11/25/2008 9:41:57 PM


"... authority over humans... given by the Master of the Universe..."
Let me be the first to welcome our most holy BDSM overlords... I bow to you, and lick your spike heeled boots as you discipline me

11/25/2008 9:43:16 PM


Too insane to be fundy?

11/25/2008 9:45:11 PM

a mind far far away

Christianity has produced more 'cults' than any other religion. This is what it causes. Mental breadkdown. People involved with christianity no longer have the ability to think clearly and logically, and ultimately, it leads to things like this if not caught in time.

11/25/2008 9:45:46 PM


You'd think if they're so obsessed with the bible, they'd pick up the fact that the book is called REVELATION.

11/25/2008 9:52:03 PM


Batshit insane!

11/25/2008 10:06:57 PM


I guess that, technically, you could say the religion added to whatever made this one "wig out". But most mentally healthy people are able to compartmentalize enough to believe this kind of shit with half of their brain, but keep it from upsetting the boardroom meeting. I suppose it must be a constant mental strain.

11/25/2008 10:07:10 PM


What... the...

11/25/2008 10:10:01 PM

Malkavian Jeff

11/25/2008 10:12:20 PM


Well, becoming a Messiah is always a good career advice, if you´re good at convincing people of crazy things :D

11/25/2008 10:12:25 PM


@Berny: Least erotic catfight EVER!
also Mariette:
Exodus 20:4-6
Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.

also Exodus 20:16
Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

11/25/2008 10:12:36 PM

Old Viking

What are you wearing?

11/25/2008 10:22:24 PM


I wasn't aware the Supreme Court ruled on insanity cases...

11/25/2008 10:25:39 PM




This isn't Fundie as much as Batshit Fucking Insane.

11/25/2008 10:36:02 PM


Winner of the "Unbridled Guanophrenia" award.

11/25/2008 10:39:41 PM


I'm at a loss of words.

11/25/2008 10:42:28 PM

Ken R.


11/25/2008 10:43:51 PM


thats not fundie, that's bugfraking crazy

oops, Rubyfruit beat me to it

11/25/2008 10:45:16 PM


See, this is what happens when your parents have taken one too many doses of LSD.

11/25/2008 10:49:05 PM

Allegory for Jesus

LARPing for Jesus.

11/25/2008 10:53:23 PM

G Zimmer

I say we kill her and see if she comes back from the dead.

Just a little trial-by-fire.

11/25/2008 11:03:33 PM


Where are the men in white coats when you need them?

11/25/2008 11:04:49 PM



Sounds good to me, where do I sign up?

11/25/2008 11:05:07 PM

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