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'Sodomite' and 'Whore' are biblical words and are accurate discription of this person. Why do you want to make sin sound ok, by using the nice words for perversion. Thnks Dr. Bob for your courage.

Jailminister, BaptistBoard 3 Comments [11/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Because you can't understand the laws of the Bronze Age?

9/9/2007 8:16:46 AM


There aren't enough words for stupidity in the bible.

9/9/2007 10:46:29 AM


You can call me a Sodomite all you want. I would just like to point out that you are the only one that considers it a horrific insult - no one has lived in Sodom for thousands of years, if indeed the city ever really existed. So it's basically just more proof that you're a dumb ass.

9/9/2007 2:10:22 PM

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