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It should be pointed out that if Matthew Shephard had not 'hit' on his soon to be killer, he might still be alive today. So to say that no one else is to blame for his murder is, in my opinion, wrong. His action led to a reaction, thus both 'parties' are to blame.

HeDied4U, BaptistBoard 18 Comments [11/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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They call me V

After some brief "research" on the case in question, I have come to the following conclusion: You should goddamn go die in a fire. Yeah, because violence is *totally* acceptable if a gay guy is flirting with you, especially torture-esque violence.

Now, über-theoretical question: If your bottomless stupidity made me track your IP down and give you the complete Hostel-treatment before shooting you, would you be to blame on the same level as me? No?

12/22/2007 5:25:16 PM

TB Tabby

Should we just put White-Out on that commandment? Fundies don't seem the least bit interested in upholding it once you're born.

12/22/2007 5:28:10 PM


Spoken like someone who has sucked a dick or two before.

12/22/2007 5:58:25 PM

Quantum Mechanic

People like you make me wish there was a hell.

12/22/2007 6:39:27 PM


So if you hit on a woman who is not interested, she should just kill you?

7/4/2008 5:23:53 PM


Just like those 4 girls who were blown up at that church in Birmingham back in the 60's were at fault for being black? You fuck.

7/4/2008 7:51:06 PM


If I'm not mistaken (I've done next to no research on this case) the two murderers posed as gay men and picked up Sheppard, which makes me think THEY seduced HIM. Anyone know if that's true?

7/20/2008 7:03:50 PM

@splattaflix: No, I think you're about right. His killers deliberately went to a gay bar and picked him up. They are the only ones to blame.

7/21/2008 3:25:49 PM

Dr. Shrinker

The killer couldn't have said, "no thanks?"

Your opinion is ignorant and unjust

12/7/2008 12:57:19 AM


Okay, next time you hit on a girl, she has full rights to beat you next to death, and then tie you to a fence so you can die of exposure. After all, your action led to her reaction...

12/7/2008 1:53:30 AM


Oh goody! I can kill the next scumbag who tries to pick me up! Weeds out the bad seed, reduces population, I get to let off steam, he'll never bother anyone ever gain...........everyone wins!

12/7/2008 4:45:41 AM

a mind far far away

So Columbine was justified?

12/7/2008 5:14:33 AM

Professor M

Even if he had hit on one of them, though...

To paraphrase Margaret Cho (among others):

If unwanted advances were grounds for killing somebody, the streets of our cities would be choked with the bodies of straight men.

12/7/2008 5:46:17 AM


@Professor M: And more than a few straight women.

12/7/2008 5:49:20 AM


I'm a lesbian. A boy at school asked me out. I politely said no. But if I had stabbed him in the eye, according to you, it would have been okay?

3/16/2009 10:43:39 PM


Oh so if I were offended by your fundie preaching, my murdering of you would be justifed as well. Your preaching led to my killing you, so it's really all your fault.

4/10/2009 4:25:34 PM

Quantum Mechanic

The next fundie fuckwit who accosts me in a parking lot is going to die and it won't be my fault.

5/16/2012 7:08:00 AM


As of this writing, the Fundie Index for this one is "2" including my vote.


5/16/2012 7:32:55 AM

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