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Editor, Daily News:

How satisfying it was to see Christians unite and successfully use the democratic process to bring the state constitutions of Florida and California into line with biblical scripture.

Such heroic action has stopped, for now, the steadily creeping infringement of homosexuality on the institution of marriage. Hopefully, this success will embolden Christians to organize to stop two even more significant threats to marriage. Those threats are divorce and adultery.

In keeping with biblical scripture, state constitutions need to be amended now to prohibit divorce and to establish penalties for adultery. Law-enforcement agencies need the authorization to identify and arrest adulterers. Protection of the institution of marriage demands nothing less.

Onward, Christian soldiers. Beware, fornicators, gamblers, card players and dancers. You are next.

Lonnie Harpool, Naples

Lonnie Harpool, LTE Naples Daily News 73 Comments [11/26/2008 6:58:44 PM]
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Submitted By: Jim

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"A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man."

11/26/2008 7:00:12 PM

Are we sure the editor isn't being extremely sarcastic? Like, I don't know what the editor's past columns/opinions have been, but this strikes me as possibly a snarky comment in this context.

11/26/2008 7:05:31 PM


What the hell? Dancers? You don't like dancers? So what, you're going to shut down the ENTIRE ballet profession? How about you just get government out of your "marriage" and then you can govern it however you want! The establishment clause pees on you.

11/26/2008 7:05:33 PM


Agreed w/ #833398 I think this may be a knock.

11/26/2008 7:06:56 PM


"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

11/26/2008 7:09:59 PM


Hopefully, sarcasm at its best.

11/26/2008 7:11:58 PM


Come on now! Is there no level of vetting these posts that remove the OBVIOUS poes? I mean, I like this poe. But it's still a poe.

11/26/2008 7:12:19 PM



11/26/2008 7:19:59 PM


fornicators, gamblers, card players and dancers

These are some of my favorite things...

11/26/2008 7:25:59 PM


So with other words,
you want to use democratic processes
to force a theocracy upon the citizens of your country.


(just like #833398 I hope however, that the writer is just sarcastic ;) )

11/26/2008 7:26:58 PM


Religious freaks do protest against these things, and even more bizarre things as well. The nutjob probably means "sexually suggestive" dancing and stripping and other stuff....Either way this isn't over-the-top for a fundamentalist so it's probably real.

11/26/2008 7:27:38 PM

What is it that makes people want to stick their noses into other peoples' private affairs? Do they think they're going to get "extra credit" from God for helping Him? Why would the Lord of the Universe want some fundamentalist's help?

11/26/2008 7:28:22 PM


Onward, Christian soldiers.

You mean: Onward, to a mental hospital!, right?

11/26/2008 7:30:57 PM


When are you assholes going to smuggle the Taliban in to help you enforce your bullshit?

11/26/2008 7:33:21 PM


Obvious POE is obvious

11/26/2008 7:41:28 PM

Ken R.

Either satire or someone without a brain.

11/26/2008 7:46:11 PM



11/26/2008 7:46:59 PM

Doctor Whom

Sarcasm, and on point, too.

11/26/2008 7:47:57 PM


Poe :)

11/26/2008 7:51:00 PM



11/26/2008 7:53:00 PM


Beware, fornicators, gamblers, card players and dancers. You are next.

Beware shellfish eaters, rebellious teenagers, non-virginal new wives, strong women, non-believers and brown people. You are next.

11/26/2008 7:58:08 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Madison wept.

11/26/2008 7:59:24 PM


Okay, now pay attention. All of you looking at Proposition 8 and things like that? Much as I hate to throw down a slippery slope, this is the path they will almost invariably take, given the opportunity. They are enforcing their morality, and will not stop with us.

11/26/2008 8:00:06 PM


Yeah, I'm really sure the fundie leaders want to stop divorce and adultery.

11/26/2008 8:21:36 PM

Yeah I think this is a satire.

11/26/2008 8:24:40 PM

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