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Jesus said that if someone physically abuses you, you are to turn the other cheek so that the abuse may continue. What are your thoughts?

Eladar, BaptistBoard 8 Comments [11/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Pass the vaseline!

6/15/2006 6:23:37 AM

They call me V

Eh, I'm fairly sure that was not what he meant. Could be me and my leftist atheist ways, but I always figured the whole "Turn the other cheek" meant not retaliating, possibly also showing peaceful defiance (Think Gandhi.) Oh well, anything to keep your womenfolk from calling the cops, eh Eladar?

5/7/2008 9:33:34 AM


This, along with the Beatitudes, leads me to believe the 'Warrior Jayyyzus' promoted by many Baptist preachers is a heresy of the highest order.

5/7/2008 6:18:13 PM


Slap the motherfucker upside the head!

6/18/2008 6:44:06 PM

Dr. Shrinker

I think that line is widely misinterpreted and abused, especially by abusive "Christian" husbands.

1/22/2009 1:21:52 AM

Pie Man

Looks like a troll/poe

1/22/2009 2:47:40 PM

he's not saying "let the abuse continue" he's saying "don't let the conflict escalate by hitting back"

1/22/2009 3:14:14 PM


My thoughts are that what Jesus said was a crock of shit.

Turn the other cheek is a fucking load. Fight back as bad as you get it. Fight until you can't fight any more, and don't take shit from any pissant with a superiority complex.

1/22/2009 3:28:07 PM

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