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America has forgotten the God of the Bible. In the 1960's we forgot God by removing prayer and the Bible from our schools. In the 1970's we forgot God by legalizing abortion in our hospitals. In the 1980's we forgot God by removing the Bible from our churches and replacing It with the corrupted New International Version (NIV) that removes the name above every other name, Jesus, in 38 places!!! In the 1990's America forgot God by introducing the vile "Gay Agenda" into society. And now in the new millennium we are facing the reality of legalized same-sex marriages and America just voted for a Communist U.S. president. Woe unto America!

To add insult to injury, on November 12, 2008 it was announced in the news that a humanist group is paying to have advertisements placed on public buses in the Washington D.C. area that read... "Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness' sake" (actual bus ad is pictured in photo to right). The signs will run from the middle of November throughout December... That is so evil and sad. We read in Daniel 5:23, “...the God in whose hand thy breath is, and whose are all thy ways, hast thou not glorified.” It is a sad day in America, and clear evidence of the apostasy, when its citizens tolerate such messages in public, being taunted in our faces to provoke us. It is a shame!
This ad is incredibly insulting! Do you think you could get away with saying something like, “Why believe in Evolution?” Absolutely not! So why is it ok to attack Christian beliefs at one of the most important holidays for us? I think it is a despicable show of character on the part of the advertisers and the public transportation company which allowed this filth. It is also a horrible reflection on the mayor and leaders of Washington D.C.

David J. Stewart, www.jesus-is-savior.com 81 Comments [11/26/2008 2:48:54 PM]
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A Communist president? In any other country, except a dictatorship, he would definitely be on the Right Wing.

Don't the Churches decied for themselves what Bible to have? It's not the American Government who places Bibles there, right?

Show me chapter and verse from the Bible where it says God has a problem with abortions. According to the Bible, children don't even count among their people until forty days after birth, and it says somewhere in there "happy is he that takes the little one and dash their heads against rocks".

Nobody but homophobes seem to know anything about this "Gay Agenda", strangely enough. The rest of us just rejoice that we are removing evil discrimination from more and more people.

Yoy DO say "Why believ in Evolution", day in and day out. The difference is of course that Evolution is scientific fact, not something left to belief. Deities have no scientific facts whatsoever, and are subject to belief.

It's hardly an attack on you in particular, it's a question aimed at the belief in any and all deities. If you can't stand an idle question, think about what the gays feel about signs saying "Death to Gays" and "Kill all homosexuals".

2/2/2012 12:36:28 AM


You are not persecuted in any way, shape or form.

11/11/2012 9:50:09 PM

Quantum Mechanic


9/7/2013 9:40:32 AM


What a drama queen.

3/27/2014 2:14:47 PM

"America has forgotten the God of the Bible."

And we seem to be doing much better without it

11/6/2016 11:48:43 PM


Someone is triggered by others using their free speech right to inform others about something better than your tribal god.

12/9/2016 3:45:45 PM

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