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If there was nothing to hide, we would have seen a real raised seal original vault birth certificate by now. However, don’t worry kittens about Obama having to be impeached. The Supreme Court will not let the oath be said if it has any doubt that Obama is not constitutionally qualified. Did you forget who administers the oath?

Clarence Thomas is also secretly p.o.ed about the first Obama 60 Minutes interview when he trashed Thomas. Thomas knows Obama is a fraud and a half-rican at best and probably just a Muzzi in disguise in reality. Remember, he who laughs last laughs best. Remember, the judges on the bench still respect the constitution (we are two votes away from the end of that tradition). They had no qualms about jumping in to protect the process in 2000. This is a far more simple decision. The Federalist implication of the term “natural born” is of particular importance to the court and it has never really been addressed by the court.

In the end, someone has to certify this candidate and if it the court believes that hasn’t been done either by Secretaries of State or the responsible nominating party, then a process has to be mapped our and a test of legitimacy must be enforced...this should interest the court enough to move ahead with one of these cases...the one with the greatest constitutional implications.

johnnycap, Free Republic 13 Comments [11/29/2008 1:35:08 PM]
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Yeah, whatever. Come back eight years from January.

11/29/2008 1:53:10 PM


See you in 2012.

11/29/2008 2:16:36 PM


What the hell do you want, for Obama to show up at your doorstep with birth certificate in hand?

Oh, and my Birth Certificate doesn't have a raised seal on it. But I wasn't born in Hawaii, so I don't know what they issue.

11/29/2008 7:47:01 PM


The U.S.Constitution explicitly does NOT require a candidate to be sworn in on anything particular nor to any particular deity, it is at the discretion of the person being sworn in. All He has to do is say "I swear/affirm that......"

11/29/2008 7:51:49 PM


Grasping as Strawmen I see... get over it, you twits lost, it wasn't even close.

11/30/2008 4:16:38 AM

Moon Wolfhowl

Another of these "show us the dox" idiots?

He showed them his certificate, Hawaii confirmed it. He's a natural born citizen.
Also, on the subject of people being born abroad, McCain was born in Panama. Now to sit back and watch you wiggle yourself into knots trying to justify that.

11/30/2008 6:20:43 AM

At what point in his life has the fucktard Bush qualified for anything? He got sworn in twice FFS.

11/30/2008 4:34:27 PM


Leaving aside the fact that various "independent" outlets, including Factcheck.org and FAUX, have viewed the document in question; is it really plausible that President-elect Obama would be able to get a U.S. passport, not to mention being a U.S. Senator, if there were any doubt about his identity?

I swear those Freepers use lead-based creamer in their coffee though it could be meth.

11/30/2008 11:56:26 PM


@#838925: Bush was never asked to prove his citizenship, even though Honolulu and New Haven are equally within the United States, because W stands for "White."

12/2/2008 2:28:22 AM


Boy you should see these people on some places. Non-stop.

12/3/2008 6:23:14 PM

There are all those documents you speak about and another one which says that a president can be impeached ONLY IF there is really a reason, a serious one. Judging your sources, I wonder about your accuracy.

12/30/2008 11:38:16 PM


Look, just come right out and say you can't accept that a black man is a real American. We all figured it out already.

8/31/2012 3:32:10 AM

Dude, he's still president. Get over it. He's a citizen and all your birther nonsense is still noisy blabber.

8/1/2013 8:45:43 PM

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