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One thing: unless there is an observed - as in documented by humans currently alive - phenomenon of humans evolving into a different species, then inter-species evolution cannot be referred to as "factually" established because looking at bones buried in the ground doesn't show how monkeys became humans - for all we know they could be deformed monkeys who died within ten days of birth.

Chris, wired 11 Comments [11/30/2008 10:32:44 PM]
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Pule Thamex

Well just look at the limited capacity of your brain. It obviously has a basic functionality to keep you breathing and provides some ability to interpret basic sensory input, but that's about as far as it goes. You probably come from a long line of stupid and, undoubtedly, if you breed you'll pass that stupid on, if you haven't already.

Eventually, it's possible that in thousands of years there will be a new species of human, which you will have helped to generate. Of course, they will be very stupid indeed and extremely gullible; beyond even the wildest dreams of todays mammon-loving pastors.

Just think, you Chris are helping to found a new species, Homo fundamentalus.

3/7/2009 9:54:15 PM


@Pule Thamex

Yeah, this doesn't need much more attention. More stupid asses on the way... hurray... woo...

11/30/2009 10:21:39 AM


They can tell their age by documented mamalian growth patterns. Hint, No mammals lived to be 900 years

11/30/2009 4:13:20 PM


Yes, because all the hominid fossils we've uncovered are really just "deformed monkeys." Then the question becomes, how come there were so freaking many of these "deformed monkeys" out there that happened to fossilize? I mean, you do realize the probability of any given living thing fossilizing is quite low, right? And the chances then that all our hominid fossils are just "deformed monkeys" (odd how so many of them are deformed in the same way and look closer to human that monkey) are therefore really low. Really, really low.

11/30/2009 5:56:20 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Monkeys did't become humans, shit-for-brains.

7/14/2013 6:39:43 AM


Only you retards have ever claimed that monkeys evolved into human beings. Certainly, that is NOT HOW EVOLUTION WORKS, you fucking idiot.

7/14/2013 8:00:08 AM


Because everyone knows that in ten days a monkey grows to adulthood in order to leave adult bones behind.

7/14/2013 9:33:03 AM

Dr. Shrinker

Well, you've moved those goalposts just about as far as they can go, haven't you now?

7/14/2013 10:24:04 AM

Philbert McAdamia

As opposed to all the observed documentation by humans alive today, attesting to the miracles, and Jesus, etc. Peer reviewed, too!

Does "were you there?" ring any bells?
Shit, speaking of deformed monkeys...

7/14/2013 11:31:45 AM


How can you be this stupid and still manage to post on the Internet?

Dearie; you can see on a skeleton how old the individual was when s/he died. The sutures start closing after birth, and are more or less closed at puberty, I think. The bones in arms and legs get longer as we grow up.

And no, you will never have observation, by humans currently alive, of humans evolving into another species, as it takes thousands of of generations, thousands of years. What we do have is observations, by humans currently alive, of insects evolving into a different species, as their thousands of generations merely take decades.

Monkeys never became humans, btw; we share a common ancestor with monkeys, an ancestor that was neither monkey nor human, but something a bit of both.

7/14/2013 10:02:32 PM


Philbert McAdamia for the win!

7/16/2013 12:32:32 AM

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