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Deuteronomy 22:13-21 is about the punishments for a wife being promiscuous before marriage [stoning] and a husband lying about it. Of course, the skeptics' anachronistic objection here is that... such punishments are considered 'unfair' or 'cruel.'

Jinx72, Theology Web 5 Comments [11/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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No, not unfair at all. Women should be killed for having premarital sex, but men shouldn't be punished in any way. And even if the guy tries to have his wife murdered by lying, we just fine him a monetary amount, because attempted murder is fine as long as you have a wang.


2/22/2007 8:53:00 PM


just goes to show how much bullshit is in the bible

2/23/2007 10:15:33 AM


Oh Lord, may angry feminists stone Jinx where she stands and let unmarried lovers dance on her grave, Amen. *makes a mock sign of the cross*

2/4/2008 8:59:30 PM


I can't tell if this guy is serious. He later condones the slaughter of virgins, and other chestnuts.

2/4/2008 9:06:59 PM

Rape is not consensual, it's against her will. What parte is so difficult for you to understand?

7/1/2014 9:44:31 AM

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