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You chinks stop posting here
This is usa board, not hong kong board. You want ti post ti, U post
ti in hong kong on slant board, savy????
U take E up 2 much space and U crowd my spam out.
U begin to piss me off E big time.
This not very rary funny...
We sick of U sellin watches here and makie all this money. People Hu
post here are what we call broke bums, wit out a pot or a fuckin
window to toss it outta of....
Dey don't fuckin care what time it is.
Dey all work behind a counter in a pawn shop, behind counter of pool
hall, or in car wash making $6 and hour. They can't afford a $20
rubber watch.
So if you chinks dont take a fuckin hike, I hear dee people on da
board is a gonna buy Hu a $800 plane ticket, fly him RT to hong kong
and he gonna kick yo shit into next fuckin tuesday.
He badder than Genghis Kahn. He badder than Startrek Kahn.
No mo foolin around wit youse chinks. Dis Hu, is one bad mother
fucker. He was trained in the Edison New joyzee sholin temple
tambernacle of Jehovas witnesses by grand master won hung low and has
a 6th degree white belt in sneaking up and hitting youse from
He be badder than Bruce Lee, ah so, he badder than Jackie Chan, fuck,
he kick chan ass fo lunch. He say, chan big pussy, just circus
So if youse dont want yo pig tails shoved up yo asses, stop posting
and selling does watches.

williebill, Google Groups 23 Comments [11/28/2008 2:25:26 PM]
Fundie Index: 7

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Bad english makes this bot pissed.

11/28/2008 2:45:19 PM


I do not speak your crazy moon language!

11/28/2008 2:49:43 PM

Dan Onymous

I bet they speak better English than you do.

11/28/2008 2:53:16 PM



11/28/2008 4:23:48 PM



Written so it sounds like spoken crap.

11/28/2008 4:34:47 PM


11/28/2008 7:08:19 PM


plus dey can spel

11/28/2008 7:46:31 PM


A perfect example of how NOT to write.

11/29/2008 2:39:51 AM


AAAAAAHHHHHHH! You failure to use proper words fills me with rage of the Brooklynn variety.

11/29/2008 8:27:27 PM

sgt snoodles

Ok, seriously now, WTF IS THIS!!!

11/30/2008 1:13:09 AM


"To be honest, this is so stupid, I'm not sure how to deal with it."

11/30/2008 8:00:14 AM


I am literally in pain after attemping to read that. And what the smeg is a 'Chink'?

11/30/2008 3:49:14 PM


11/30/2008 6:05:33 PM

"And what the smeg is a 'Chink'"

Chink in racist slang for chinese

11/30/2008 6:52:26 PM


My God...It reads like Battle School Slang!

11/25/2009 1:31:40 PM


seriously, this is messed up

3/22/2010 6:37:53 PM


I bet those "chinks" can speak English better then you do. I bet their IQs are double yours too. Not that that's actually saying much as judging by your post you are borderline mentally retarded.

3/22/2010 7:03:32 PM

What the fuck is with the "ooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" - is your stupidity and hate causing you physical pain?

2/15/2011 3:34:59 PM


Can I just point out that these are the kinds of people who like to compare black people with chimpanzees? With the oooooooaaaah stuff, I dare say he's a bit of a chimp himself.

5/6/2011 10:40:04 PM

Pedantic Speaker

I think he is talking about the spam messages that show up in some places that consist of a bunch of hyperlinks for pornography, recreational pharmaceuticals, cheap consumer goods, et cetera (because these messages are just long lists of hyperlinks, they blur together into one stereotype). While it may not objectively be the case, cheap watches of brands like Rolex seem to be overrepresented in these messages.
As to its racism, the poster is either blaming forum spam on the Chinese for no apparent reason or blaming the web equivalent of social issues on the web equivalent of immigration.

5/29/2011 12:19:25 PM

...are you trying to rap?

2/5/2012 8:29:57 AM

Translate. Some one please translate this into regular English so the normal, intelligent person can understand what this guy is saying. Otherwise it's the weirdest word salad yet.

6/2/2013 6:07:14 PM

Shark with a torpedo


8/12/2014 8:34:40 AM

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