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I can explain to you really easily why so many scientists don't believe the creationist ideas. It is because of the way their mind works... It [evolution] makes more sense based on what we can see, feel, understand. But, I hate to break it to you, but they are wrong.

PCenfuego, Internet Infidels 7 Comments [11/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Wrong. Scientists believe the ToE because there are loads and loads of evidence FOR that position, whereas there is not a shred of concrete evidence for creationism

12/31/2006 4:22:29 PM


Why yes, they believe it because of the way their minds work. Logically, using evidence to draw conclusions, not taking something for granted until it has been tested more than once, etc. You know, like scientists.

12/31/2006 4:49:41 PM

Ian C.

Please, oh, please, oh wise one! Show us your SUPERIOR science!

8/2/2010 5:29:06 AM

Grey Seer

So... evolution, which you agree makes more sense, is arbitrarily wrong?

8/2/2010 8:25:52 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Still smarting from that F in biology?

8/19/2011 5:00:57 PM

J. James



Sooooooo... Because it evolution is real and observable... It's wrong?


And who are you to say they're wrong when they are right??


8/19/2011 9:19:15 PM


So if it makes sense, it's wrong?

Fundie in a nutshell award.

8/20/2011 1:09:23 AM