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You sound like a nigger. I cant stand that word but this kind of talk is so ignorant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a waste of thought. You should use those little brain cells and read the bible. That will be the only hope for anyone. Obama nation or is abomination??????????? All the signs are there its just so sad and really pathetic for everyone out there blinded by the bullshit. Black or White .......... Im over it. And I KNOW IM NOT THE ONLY ONE. Good luck in your life.

Sarahlee, Americablog.com 9 Comments [11/29/2008 4:41:30 PM]
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The Anti-Fundie

"You should use those little brain cells and read the bible."

Or we could use all of our brain cells and read a book on biology.

Or have a coherent thought.

11/29/2008 5:00:28 PM


Multiple exclamation marks are the sign of a diseased mind.

Terry Pratchett.

11/29/2008 5:16:32 PM


Oh great, somebody gave an internet access to a retard.

11/29/2008 7:59:17 PM


You don't need atleast 100 question marks and exclamation marks. You only need one.

11/29/2008 8:37:46 PM

"I'm not racist but you're a stupid nigger."

11/30/2008 12:38:50 AM


Most inbred hicks are fundies... coincidence or does stupid just support itself?

PS. Please stop breeding.

11/30/2008 4:35:17 AM


"Use of more than one exclamation point is a sure sign of madness." -- Terry Pratchett, Maskerade

11/30/2008 7:16:29 AM


Somebody's assembling an army of punctuation marks over there.

11/30/2008 7:53:05 AM

Wait, first homosexual, now being black is a sin?

12/30/2008 11:14:47 PM

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