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Their churches and religions are their gods. They ask counsel of the dead, they make shrines, they stand up sit down and do their 'chant chant chant,' light candles, keep the bones of dead people in crystal balls and containers and reguard them as 'holy', the star of david is a pentagram, prayer circles are sayonces (or however u spell it), they build grand temples just like the pagan temples of other religions... on and on and on it goes...

Shut^D0wN, BlizzForums 3 Comments [11/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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<<...the star of david is a pentagram...>>

The Star of David (note the capital letter--"David" is a person's name) has SIX points. A PENTAgram has FIVE points-- "PENTA-" means "FIVE".

1/6/2008 4:23:46 PM


..... Sounds like Christianity to me

"They ask counsel of the dead,"

"they stand up sit down and do their 'chant chant chant,'"
um, i've been to church ONCE*, and that is exactly what the whole thing was

"they build grand temples just like the pagan temples of other religions"
Pretty sure every church i've ever seen is just another version of a temple.

*about going to church the once, it was my little cousin's Christening. None of my family are particulaly religious, but for some reason, we all get Christened. Anyways, the priesty dude started berrating the whole lot of us for not going to Church and how our entire family was going to end up in hell, especially my older cousin and i (i was 16, he was 17, we both had black hair with red through it, and looked pretty "evil" in his eyes)

I was so offended by this dude. I mean, how dare he ruin what is MEANT to be a celabratory occasion by drilling us. The only way i stopped myself from going mental at him, was imagining the walls starting to bleed, my eyes glowing red and slowly rising into the air with a bunch of bats flying around..... sweeeeeeeeeeet

7/16/2008 7:31:35 AM


Why the fuck is that guy in Blizzforums? He better not go on saying how Starcraft 2 is satanic...

1/9/2009 11:11:38 AM

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