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IMHO the athiest I know personally are very self centered, close minded, don't want to answer to anyone or anything and admit what they don't know wont hurt them...

SalutetheHeavens, Rapture Ready 13 Comments [11/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Yes, but the same could be said for the Christians you know, and in conclusion you have a lot of very stupid friends!

6/4/2006 9:37:35 AM


That description applies to every friggin' fundie using GODDDIDIT to explain things they haven't a clue about.

4/1/2009 2:02:52 AM

Table Rock

You should get out more.

4/1/2009 9:39:32 AM


Yea, ok, I am a little self centered, I admit it. But I don't think that is an affliction relegated to atheists.

However, as an atheist/secularist we admit freely that we don't know a whole ton of things. It is the religious douchebags, kind of like SalutetheHeavens, that say they have all the answers even though they have no evidence for the positions, let along anything resembling proof.

4/1/2009 10:48:59 AM


Thats a nice mirror you have.

9/9/2010 6:24:25 PM


That's not saying very much when you don't know any athiests, sparky.

9/9/2010 8:45:26 PM


We're not nearly as close minded as those who want to imprison, extradite or even kill everybody who doesn't agree with their view of things. And it's only non-existent anyones or anythings that we don't ever answer to. And we don't claim to know everything because a silly old book of bad fairytales just isn't the sum total of all knowledge.

9/9/2010 10:26:19 PM


Most of the things I don't know won't hurt me, and the ones that will I'm probably happier not knowing about beforehand.

Humans are self centered, mostly.

What's this "athiest" you talk about. Can you be athier too? What's the first form? Ather?

9/9/2010 10:38:04 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Plural doesn't apply to none.

1/9/2012 3:03:53 PM


People with a hard-on for the end of the world so they can sneer triumphantly at the suffering of all the people who dared to disagree with them don't get to call me self-centered.

1/9/2012 3:07:52 PM

Quantum Mechanic

They also number in the zeroes.

3/22/2013 3:44:24 PM


IMHO the athiest I know personally are very self centered...
Um...WHO are the ones who believe we were made special by God, given everything on this planet to use and abuse as we see fit, and indeed the universe itself revolves around us personally?

...close minded...
You believe gays shouldn't marry BECAUSE YOU PERSONALLY DISAGREE WITH IT. Not to mention thinking it will destroy society for vague, nebulous reasons not worth going into, because you pastor says so.

...don't want to answer to anyone or anything...
The law, perhaps? Not to mention, you guys are the ones who think you can do whatever the fuck you want, giggle, say a few magic words and you're right with Jesus again.

Cuz, y'know, not perfect, but forgiven.

...and admit what they don't know wont hurt them...
Because not knowing about antibiotics never hurt us. Or basic sanitation...not knowing about that never hurt us either. Knowledge helps us immeasurably, far more than a few Hail Marys ever did.

3/22/2013 3:53:10 PM


No, that's people like you, who want a justification for every dickish thing they do, AKA God.

3/22/2013 8:20:26 PM

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