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We are here for God's pleasure and glorification, not our own. Until that is understood and accepted, you'll never see why 'morality' becomes a mute concept.

versastyle, Christian Forums 14 Comments [11/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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what's a "mute" concept?

2/14/2008 8:26:06 PM


You mean "moot". "Mute" is what you need to be.

2/14/2008 8:45:26 PM


Yes. Morality requires thought for your actions, a process you appear to be free of.

2/14/2008 8:54:04 PM


Jehovah has a huuuuge ego problem.

2/14/2008 8:55:32 PM


At God's Pleasure is a pretty lame excuse for murdering anyone who disagrees with you, but it's a GREAT romance novel!!
*apologies to Mr. Stewart*
Even if I were to accept that God gets his kicks outta seeing us mortals try as hard as we can to follow every single bit of advice he spits out, I don't think morality would ever become a *moot* concept.

2/14/2008 8:59:21 PM


Christianity is used as an excuse to deny the value of morality.


2/14/2008 9:56:46 PM


Another confused fool who can't envision morality for its own sake.

2/14/2008 10:00:11 PM


I think you mean "moot" concept. But even using the right word, you are still a retard. Please remain mute from now on.

2/14/2008 10:21:58 PM

Caustic Gnostic

Speak for yourself, g0dslave.

2/14/2008 11:37:37 PM

Anti - Dei

Why can't god pleasure himself?

...pun intended.

5/16/2009 4:45:08 PM

Wasn´t Jesus the one who said "Sabbath was made for men, not men for Sabbath"?. I think that you are the guy with understanding problems.

12/26/2009 2:33:01 PM


So your telling us an all-perfect and therefore completely satisfied entity had a desire to create imperfect creatures for the sole reason of providing him further happiness?

If you cannot understand what's wrong with this picture than there's no way you can concieve what selflessness is, let alone morality.

3/25/2011 7:43:37 PM


I think fundyism should be a mute concept because they should sit down and shut up.

11/20/2011 4:48:26 AM


@Anti - Dei
"Why can't god pleasure himself?

...pun intended."

Well, it is written in another thread that God has a holy, righteous penis, not a corrupted, fleshy one...

That would probably make it quite difficult to pleasure himself, I suppose.

11/20/2011 5:54:25 AM

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