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It may seem strange but I agree that it [AIDS] is a punishment from God. Why don't you test it and see for yourself. Be a homosexual and practice all the evil that God don't want and you will get your foolish outcome until to your next generations.

ValenII, Christian Forums 5 Comments [11/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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But I don't want to be gay :(

7/31/2008 1:16:02 PM


unless you're lesbian. then you're safe. and unless you're a gay male and practice safe sex. you're safe then too. and unless you're straight, because then you're safe across the-oh wait, straight people get aids too. and far more often, I might add.

2/18/2011 1:14:28 PM

Dr. Shrinker

Fetuses can contract HIV if their mother is infected. Why is your god punishing fetuses? Perhaps your god hates fetuses, but then why all the flap about abortion?

2/18/2011 8:50:56 PM


So explain all those STRAIGHT women getting HIV, then. What is God judging them for?

2/18/2011 9:04:35 PM


ValenII, AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease. Now you may not know it yet, but sex is a perfectly natural process. Your mommy and daddy can explain it to you. And viruses have never been known to check for a valid marriage certificate before being transmitted.

3/6/2017 6:49:03 AM

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