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How are the 50% of africans contracting AIDS? Through sharing drinks with each other or sexual relations with each other? oh also, I realize that now at days they contract AIDS through their parents and so on, but if you look at the root of it all it was probably due to fornication.

blixation, Christian Forums 5 Comments [11/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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You can't get AIDS from sharing a drink retard. You can't even get it from kissing someone. Fuck all this bullshit about homosexuals anyway, god's other creations (penguins anyone?) are also enjoying to swing the other way.

3/15/2007 3:01:36 PM

Evil Doer

The heterosexual population is more infected in Africa, especially women and children. Local witch doctors have convinced infected men that if they have sex with a virgin, they can be cured. Men are raping children as young as only a few months old to do this. Wouldn't a real \"Christian\" want to help stop these atrocities? Oh, I forgot, they asked for it somehow.

3/15/2007 4:38:50 PM


Well, yes, for the most part it is being transmitted through intercourse. Should that carry a death sentence?

3/15/2007 7:49:39 PM

Nicholas Krizov

Just fucking say it.

"'Dem jigaboos iz godless faggots."

And contracting AIDS through drinking? What lousy Chick Tract did you learn that shit from?

10/4/2014 8:13:01 PM

"but if you look at the root of it all it was probably due to the catholic church"


Maybe if it weren't for the church saying "condoms cause AIDS". How are religions good again?


"In relation to the sexual transmission of the disease, the Church teaches that sexual abstinence before marriage, and monogamy inside marriage, are a better means of limiting the spread of the epidemic than is the use of condoms. The Church's position on AIDS prevention is controversial because it contradicts scientific consensus, according to which condom use is the most effective strategy for the prevention of HIV/AIDS. It follows that if the church had promoted condom use since the 1980s, a significant proportion of 30 million AIDS deaths could have been prevented"

10/4/2014 9:22:41 PM

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