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I'm a beliver. I feel him to. I dreamed once, that I was talking to God himself. It was cool.

dracula, ChannelOne.com BBS 9 Comments [11/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Big Brother


12/30/2006 12:56:03 PM

I dreamt of unicorns yesterday. I was talking to them. I should believe they exist!

5/2/2010 5:02:52 PM


I once dreamt that Keira Knightley came to my house insisting that I defile her in every way imaginable. I dreamt it, therefore it must have happened.

5/3/2010 2:43:57 AM


that is called LSD

12/10/2010 11:15:32 AM


You feel him to... what? And what is a "beliver"? Are you stupid or just lazy? English is my second language and I've drunk a bit too much red wine. What's your excuse, Mr "dracula"?

I've dreamed that I was talking to Hermione Granger. Doesn't mean I believe her to be real. It just means I've read about her, quite a bit. Austen's Emma is also roaming in my dreams right now...

12/10/2010 2:28:47 PM



You lucky, lucky bastard!

12/10/2010 7:15:45 PM


I dreamed once that I was on the Titanic. It was cool (and also fucking cold.)

So reincarnation must be true, then.

12/11/2010 1:13:19 AM

Blayze Kohime

This person is sorta naive, but it would be unfair to call them 'a fundie'. When I think of fundies I think of people that want to terrorize nonbelievers or force their will upon them, not people that want to sit in a corner and think about how dreamy God is.

@ #1233981 I suspect this might be a child (or at the very least, someone with the mind of a child). I sorta feel bad for them.

5/11/2012 7:19:58 PM


Not obnoxious enough for this site.


5/11/2012 7:40:06 PM

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