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("A Brazilian Christian has been fined 2,000 reales (834 USD), and his book confiscated for publishing his belief that God condemns and punishes homosexual acts.")

The confiscated his book because of what it says about homosexuals, well how long till they confiscate the Bible.

Not long.

Oh and I am not stockpiling weapons and food, stocklpile bibles instead.

beeps, Fulfilled Prophecy 38 Comments [12/28/2008 9:34:03 PM]
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Percy Q. Shun

Typical fundie retardation:

Bring a buybull to a gunfight. Thanks for making it even easier for me to take my country back!

12/28/2008 9:36:42 PM


"Oh and I am not stockpiling weapons and food, stockpile bibles instead." I fail to understand the reasoning here. Is it so they can confiscate more at once?

12/28/2008 9:36:47 PM


We see your bibles and we raise our flamethrowers.

12/28/2008 9:39:28 PM


What, are you going to EAT your bible? What the hell? And what the shit are you stockpiling ANYTHING for?? Oh, thats right, your little rapture fantasy. Well, good luck with that one, buddy!

12/28/2008 9:39:38 PM


"I am not stockpiling weapons and food, stocklpile bibles instead."

Bibles are all right, but uh, I've got a crowbar.

12/28/2008 9:54:37 PM

I suppose you could eat the leather covers if you got hungry enough.

12/28/2008 9:58:44 PM


Well the babble is a holy text, a book can be hate speech if it isn't a holy text, the holy babble is surrounded by an unholy bubble of protection in this type of case, unfortunately for you the bubble around the babble doesn't protect against physical or emotional pain. so HAHA you're stupid!

12/28/2008 10:11:04 PM


Oh and I am not stockpiling weapons and food, stocklpile bibles instead.

Bibles....yeah, those'll stop the zombies in their shambling tracks.

12/28/2008 10:16:55 PM


"Oh and I am not stockpiling weapons and food, stockpile bibles instead."

Bibles are OK in a pinch, but I would rather stockpile Charmin instead. I'll use the bibles for fire starter.

12/28/2008 10:34:09 PM


Time to bring out the iron chariots!

12/28/2008 10:36:34 PM

does anyone know the truth about this strory? if theirs any at all. Countries with giant Jesus statues dont seem like the type to restrict religion, even if its being used to promote bigotry like any idiot can tell the "god condemns the gays in a whole 5 places in the bible!" idiots are.

12/28/2008 11:07:07 PM

why do I keep double posting? second time its happened today.

12/28/2008 11:07:17 PM


Stockpile whatever you want, the bible wont need to be confiscated. It'll be reinterpreted or ignored... kinda like with the slavery issue.

12/28/2008 11:14:20 PM


Oh and I am not stockpiling weapons and food, stocklpile bibles instead.

Even by idiot fundie standards, that's really fucking stupid.

12/28/2008 11:19:18 PM


I have no idea what the censorship laws are in Brazil, or whether they have the equivilant of the US First Amendment there. If not, and considering this person is talking about something that happened IN ANOTHER COUNTRY, I'd say they're paranoid.

Headache, with this and the "Fucking Stupid" macro in another comment, I think I love you. ; )

12/28/2008 11:28:20 PM

The Lazy One

Nah, you should be stocked up on canned foods and TP. Things are gonna suck when you need to wipe and there's no paper, or you're starving to death and there's no food.

But do what you want.

12/28/2008 11:49:24 PM


I can't see that happening in Brazil. Then again, I never would have guessed that gay marriage has been legal in Nepal since 2006.

12/28/2008 11:58:06 PM

a mind far far away

You do that, and we'll continue to laugh at you.

12/29/2008 12:29:44 AM


Make sure you get the bibles with the ricepaper pages, I'm sure they'll go down easier.

12/29/2008 12:31:28 AM

Old Viking

Either we're being told next to nothing about this event, or it's just new fap material.

12/29/2008 12:48:27 AM


@ 879427: I didn't hear any such thing; I doubt it is real.

My country does have a protection on free speech and freedom of religion, but also against discrimination of gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, etc.

Rather than fined, I'd guess the person was sued. As someone else, a country with ginormous Christ statues everywhere isn't about to ban Bibles anytime in the near future.

... and as I thought, yes, it was a judicial order, which means someone complained first, and thus, is perfectly acceptable under our constitution as it was considered discrimination:

"Although Franca's attorney reportedly argued at trial that his client had the right to freely express his opinions and religious beliefs, the judge responded that such rights were outweighed by the "principles outlined in the Federal Constitution, which would be the equality and dignity of the human person" and "discrimination is not tolerated", according to a paraphrase by TV Morena."

12/29/2008 12:53:33 AM


This "news" story is only available in Portuguese or from a single, obviously homophobic website.

Any Portuguese speakers out there? Search "naurio martins franca" and translate?

12/29/2008 12:58:53 AM


Bullshit if true. No-one should be legally punished for hurting someone's feelings.

12/29/2008 1:20:29 AM


12/29/2008 1:31:58 AM


Brazil is coming for your Bibles.

12/29/2008 1:49:18 AM

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