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Just because I like pizza it doesn’t mean I should marry it. Biologically, I am predisposed to enjoy the immaculate melding of mozzarella cheese, red sauce and thick crust baked to tasty perfection. But that doesn’t mean I should enter into a lifelong commitment with Sicilian or plain, nor bed it down, nor bring children into the world and have them have to explain to their classmates why their mom’s crust is not a crisp as it once was. Does any child deserve to have their friends tossing Monday 2 for 1 coupons in his face? Not in my world they don’t. Yet, to say that I am against pizza-eaters or gays is absurd. Our Saddleback Church offer more weight-watchers meetings to overeaters than any other evangelical megachurch on the west coast.”

Rick Warren, http://steveyoungonpolitics.com/ 97 Comments [12/29/2008 1:39:52 PM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By: Illuminatalie

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You are talking about pizza. Right?

12/29/2008 1:42:34 PM



12/29/2008 1:47:01 PM

Paschal Wagner

So... you're against heterosexual marriage too, then? Or is it OK to marry a hamburger?

Analogy fail.

12/29/2008 1:48:23 PM


And the winner of the Worst Analogy of 2008 award is...

12/29/2008 1:48:31 PM

Atheist In A Foxhole

Fucking crazy analogy winner.

12/29/2008 1:48:56 PM


I have to say, this one gave me a good laugh, moreso than a lot of the stuff I see on this website. If he's a poe, 10/10 for effort.

12/29/2008 1:49:53 PM


Does anyone else think Rick Warren should be tested for drugs after this? Maybe before he goes to the inauguration?

12/29/2008 1:51:56 PM


WTF??? Seriously...WTF???

12/29/2008 1:53:10 PM

Philbert McAdamia

Sounds suspiciously close to anti-pastafarianism to me...close...close.
Besides, pizzaaaaaahhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

12/29/2008 2:02:48 PM

D Laurier

Word salad.

12/29/2008 2:03:08 PM

Onan the Barbarian

Yeah, we know...you think marriage was meant as one man and as many women as he could afford. What is that, Rick? You say it's only "one man and one woman"? Good God, man! Don't you even bother to read that Bible you thump?

12/29/2008 2:04:55 PM


Pizza can't give consent, so it would be rape. Try again.

12/29/2008 2:05:02 PM


Is it wrong to hope you are caught in a unseemly scandal involving a whole dried pepperoni shoved up your ass? Just checking.....

12/29/2008 2:05:06 PM


Rick Warren's 'pizza-fetish defence' for underage sex with acne'd teens, 2nd draft.

12/29/2008 2:09:37 PM

Reverend Jeremiah

You should know that your argument fails even when an analogy of it sounds retarded.

12/29/2008 2:22:25 PM

Doctor Whom

I can smell the desperation oregano in his analogy.

12/29/2008 2:23:33 PM

I don't care if you agree or not with Homosexuality but don't tell me that you don't know what erotic means.

12/29/2008 2:24:46 PM

Jaces Ci

haha...i wonder what pizza-human hybrids would look like

12/29/2008 2:34:36 PM

Random Man

umm..so do you have sex with this pizza?

12/29/2008 2:37:36 PM


i was always suspicious of the red baron frozen pizza mascot. he looked a little gay with that scarf and those goggles.

12/29/2008 2:39:33 PM

Mister Spak

You may have noticed that pizza can't give consent. Or since you're a fundie, maybe you haven't.

12/29/2008 2:50:16 PM

Professor M

It's a good thing that our right to marry can't be arbitrarily abridged by people who think like Rick Warren, isn't it?

Oh wait...we have a whole pile of them in California and one getting ready to move into the White House.

12/29/2008 2:51:09 PM


Ugh, why can't fundies learn to use descent logic?

12/29/2008 2:51:33 PM


Ten bucks says Rick Warren has his dick in a calzone right now.

12/29/2008 2:55:14 PM


This is even worse than the "pets" analogy, 'cause dogs and cats can, you know, love you back.

I'm just trying to imagine sex with a piping hot pizza, and all I can think is, "Oooh, icky!" And, of course, "ouch!"

PS--OhmyGods, I just saw that was Rick Warren his own self. *That's* "America's pastor" and a best-selling author?

12/29/2008 3:00:37 PM

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