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[comment on a YT video "Satan and God: who is the good guy?". Oh, the irony in this quote!]

What kind of stupid question is that?! GOD IS THE GOOD GUY! Satan may seem so good at first, so beautiful, but that is how he decieves people. He may seem godly and loving but he doesn't care for anyone. Satan is the ark before the dawning... before. When the dawning comes, Jesus will appear and throw Satan into hell, where he belongs.
"For the Darkness shall turn to dawning and the dawing to noonday bright. And Christ's great kingdom will come on earth, the kingdom of love and light."

Foreboding14, Fundies 30 Comments [12/30/2008 3:57:06 PM]
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IMO Satan is the thing fundies see in the mirror each morning.

12/30/2008 4:17:34 PM


Yep, Youtube.

12/30/2008 4:47:54 PM


So...Satan's bad because God says so. Never mind that God behaves like a spiteful, vindictive 5-year old pretty much throughout, and Satan never really seems to harbor any antagonism towards man at all...if God says Satan's bad, then it must be so, right?

12/30/2008 4:55:57 PM


Um, you're quoting a song at the end there, not a scripture.

12/30/2008 5:25:10 PM

Lady Anne

Beaten by *Ken*...

Since when did hymns become scripture for fundies?

12/30/2008 5:33:00 PM

Percy Q. Shun

Umm, there is no satan.
There is no gawd.

Learn it. Live it. Know it.

Or just remain an ignorant fuckstick. I really don't care what you do.

12/30/2008 5:45:20 PM

Philbert McAdamia

And Christ's great kingdom will come on earth, the kingdom of love and light."

Oh, sure, he seems like a good guy . . . now.

12/30/2008 5:52:06 PM

Why would God create a being that turned out to be evil? If God knows everything he would already know that Satan would have turned away from him.

Satan's a more interesting character than God anyway.

12/30/2008 6:33:01 PM

I thought Satan was already in hell.

12/30/2008 6:42:27 PM

Ok, leave the things as they are. You're getting actually the opposite.

12/30/2008 7:21:44 PM

A Friend

How many people did god kill in the bible? How many did satan kill?

12/30/2008 7:22:11 PM

12/30/2008 8:43:09 PM


Yes while the fire which holds the unbeleivers will burn eternally under Gods very nose apparently.

Revelations 14: 9 - 11 " 9A third angel followed them and said in a loud voice: "If anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his mark on the forehead or on the hand, 10he, too, will drink of the wine of God's fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath. He will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb. 11And the smoke of their torment rises for ever and ever. There is no rest day or night for those who worship the beast and his image, or for anyone who receives the mark of his name."

(NIV btw)

Sounds very pleasant, from a god that loves us unconditionally.


12/30/2008 8:43:27 PM


Haha and that cartoon owns.

12/30/2008 8:43:57 PM

Old Viking

Ease off ol' Satan. He's done humanity little harm, whereas God has forked us over at every opportunity.

12/30/2008 9:32:30 PM


Ignoring those killed in the Flood, at Sodom and Gomorrah and in the deaths of the Egyptian firstborns, God kills somewhere over 2,270,365 people in the Bible.
Satan kills 10 (the children of Job) and he can only do that with special dispensation as part of a wager with God.
Say again, who's the bad guy in this fairytale?

12/30/2008 10:32:28 PM

a mind far far away

God may seem so good at first, so beautiful, but that is how he deceives people. He may seem godly and loving but he doesn't care for anyone.


12/30/2008 10:43:09 PM


12/30/2008 10:55:32 PM


What I don't understand is where they got this "god is Love" bullshit. Sure as fuck isn't the OT. Or the NT either.

12/30/2008 11:07:28 PM


I'll stick to the side who killed less. (see: Antichrist's chart) Because, hey, better hell than heaven! Away from fundies and away from a mass-murdering god. (I'll also say Satan got screwed over.)

12/30/2008 11:26:49 PM


Huh, I must have missed the parts of the bible where satan commanded people to kill others for wearing mixed fibers, or kill children for being disobedient, or kill anybody who thought that there might be something better to worship.

What about killing all the firstborn of Egypt just to prove what a big dicked "god" he was. Do a careful reading of Exodus next time, especially that part about where Pharoh was ready to release the israelites, but nooooo, your "god" had to "harden his heart" (multiple times) so he/she/it would get to prove just how big of a dick "god" it was.

And let's not forget the Midianites, Amalekites, and countless other tribes that "god", not satan, ordered his followers to kill almost to a man (Except for the young virginal girls who were to be kept as property and sex slaves, at least those that didn't die during the Great Gang Raping.) and let's also remember the orders to stab the pregnant women in the stomach to ensure that their offspring would not survive.

Now I ask you, you smug self righteous fuck, are those the actions and orders that you would attribute to "the good guy"?

haec credam a deo pio, a deo justo, a deo scito? deo in crucem
Am I to believe these things from a righteous god, a just god, a wise god? To hell with your god.

12/31/2008 12:18:50 AM


If it's all predestined then why the fuss? Will this even make it to off Broadway?

12/31/2008 3:04:31 AM

Jaces Ci

im gonna laugh so hard if it turns out Satan is the good guy, and God is really just fucking with christians minds so they all join HIM in hell...hahaha.

12/31/2008 3:19:55 AM


@ Grigadil: Jesus = love
Jesus = God
God = love. QED

Anyway, what I find funny is that they keep insisting that their god is both love and wrathful/bigoted/envious at the same time.

12/31/2008 9:35:47 AM


If he is a omnipotent, why did he let all this shit happen in the first place?

He is an fucking asshole.

12/31/2008 10:12:57 AM

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