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I just hate being pigeonholed as a hate monger or bigot," says Robert Hoehn, who contributed $25,000 to the campaign for Prop 8, which amended California's Constitution to exclude same-sex marriage.

Robert Hoehn, USA Today 60 Comments [12/28/2008 9:35:36 AM]
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If you don't like the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Also, leave the planet.

12/28/2008 9:37:48 AM

Don´t mingle without reason in other people's affairs and maybe...................

12/28/2008 9:39:30 AM


I don't like to defend these people, but they have a point: attack something people hold as sacred, or even seem to attack it, and they will react.


12/28/2008 9:43:27 AM


that's easy enough. stop being a hatemonger and a bigot

12/28/2008 9:45:39 AM


But you love donating money to amend the Constitution to take away rights. Money that could go to actually help people, you use to hurt and dehumanize others by instilling YOUR religious beliefs.

Like I say, I'm not for religion in any way, but I would never vote to take away your right to practice..I wouldn't even want to put that on a bill to be dictated by others. I'm not a hate monger or a bigot such as yourself, and you can hide behind your fucking religion all you want. So sad..

12/28/2008 9:53:59 AM


"I just hate being pigeonholed as a mass-murdering ideologue," says Josef Stalin.

12/28/2008 10:05:48 AM



The issue isn't that they're reacting, since everyone expected them to; it's that they're reacting based on intolerance and bigotry.

And we can, and should, call them out on that.

I've heard the trespassing analogy before, and continue to be baffled as to why they think it's a good argument.

12/28/2008 10:24:02 AM

Then don't do hateful, bigoted things.

12/28/2008 10:30:36 AM


Riin-thrall: Of course. But from their point of view, it's not intolerance and bigotry that makes them react, it's defense of traditional values (or the like). Pointing out that this is just intolerance and bigotry really only serves to make them dig in deeper. So it's not that I don't agree that it's intolerance and bigotry; it is, and anything they call it is just lipstick on a pig. I just question the efficacy of dealing with people like Hoehn who are giving money to "Yes on 8" and the like. Far better to talk to undecideds or soft supporters (who aren't giving money) and make them see it for what it is.

Of course, this is FSTDT, and we don't actually talk to these people here, we just make fun of them. So to you, Bob, I hope you discover the many uses of the prostate. Soon.

12/28/2008 10:38:22 AM

Percy Q. Shun

"I just hate being pigeonholed as a mass-murdering Jew-hater," says Adolf Hitler.

12/28/2008 10:42:57 AM

a mind far far away

You hate truth? I should have known.

12/28/2008 11:16:05 AM


I just hate being pigeonholed as a hate monger or bigot," says Robert Hoehn,

Then you should not have A: donated money to a hate campaign, and B: then bragged about it.

12/28/2008 11:52:18 AM

Princess Rot

I'm quite sure the people you're bigoted against hate being pigeonholed as perverts and evildoers, Robert.

Fundies, they're only capable of feeling sorry for themselves.

12/28/2008 11:52:27 AM



12/28/2008 12:01:29 PM


Well... you are. So. Um. Yeah.

12/28/2008 12:11:57 PM


Sure, but Bob, please realise that when we use those terms, it's only for simplicity's sake that we're omitting prejudiced evil meddling hypocritical sanctimonious civil-rights abusing neighbour-oppressing totalitarian pharisitical douche bag.
We don't mean those terms don't also apply to you. They do. You have made it so.

12/28/2008 1:11:40 PM

Doctor Whom

Hate mongers and bigots typically do.

12/28/2008 1:43:32 PM


That's right guys, compare Robert Hoehn to Hitler and Stalin. Great logic there.


12/28/2008 1:47:50 PM

Mister Spak

Then don't monger hate and don't be a bigot. See how easy that was?

12/28/2008 1:48:59 PM

Affine Connection


12/28/2008 2:00:54 PM


Then don't donate what is a year's income for many people to a cause whose entire goal is to make life more difficult for LGBT people.

@ dpareja: I do talk to people who oppose my marriage elseweb and--this is the very difficult part--within my own family. The cartoon sucked, too. Nobody who wants to be same-sex married is trying to take away from others. It is the opponents who try to take away and who think that they get to control others' lives.

12/28/2008 2:23:52 PM


Then stop being one.

12/28/2008 2:35:38 PM

Yea, it's funny how actions have consequences...

12/28/2008 2:43:00 PM


Then stop being a hate monger and bigot.

12/28/2008 3:57:34 PM


If one hates "being pigeonholed as a hate monger or bigot" one should stop one's hateful and bigot-like behavior.

12/28/2008 4:42:19 PM

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