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Why do atheists fear the religious education in schools so much?

Answer :The unbelievers are afraid of the truth. They know that they are wrong already. However, they still refuse to believe because they do not want to change their lifestyle. Especially the atheists are the most number one against this teaching creation in school.

Sun Valley, Yahoo Answers 34 Comments [12/30/2008 12:12:42 PM]
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Submitted By: J Arcenas

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What is the fundie obsession with the lifestyles of people they know nothing about?

12/30/2008 12:16:21 PM

Percy Q. Shun

Why are the christ-stains so afraid of evolution being taught in the churches? Are they afraid of learning the truth?

12/30/2008 12:18:25 PM

Jaces Ci

its really easy to believe and not live the christian lifestyle...how many people do you see with a parapet around the house? yet they still go to church and the like.

12/30/2008 12:26:41 PM

For the same reason you object so much that people explain Islam, anthropological speaking. It's a matter of, ehem, "it's not my religion" issue.

12/30/2008 12:27:56 PM

Rat of Steel

Wrong, as usual.

We don't want creationism taught in science classes, not because we secretly know it's true...
...but because it's NOT SCIENCE.

There's nothing wrong with creation stories being taught...in a philosophy or world religion course, but that's not what you'd want. You're afraid that the students would figure out that your religion is no more true or valid than any other in human history.

12/30/2008 12:33:20 PM


We don't want Creationism in our schools because this country is retarded enough.

12/30/2008 12:39:39 PM


at least you admit that creationism is religious education and not science

12/30/2008 12:46:47 PM


Why do atheists fear the religious education in schools so much?

Actually, we don't. Go ahead, teach religion in schools. I might even attend such a class, if it were truly a study of comparative religions.

It's when you try to replace science class with religious beliefs, or when you try and force everyone to learn only your religion that we get concerned.

12/30/2008 12:54:46 PM



12/30/2008 12:57:40 PM


Compulsory religious education as we have here in the UK has probably "created" more atheists and agnostics than anything else.
So I am all in favour of it in the right place as religion or philosophy lessons even, but not as a version of science,which it plainly isn't.

12/30/2008 1:01:20 PM


In my part of Ontario the churchs tried too get creation and christianity in schools (over 15 years ago) The school board offered a comparitive religion course instead (actually they suggested teaching about other religions) the churchs were all against it and haven't tried since.

12/30/2008 1:05:03 PM

David B.

Yeah, shift those goal-posts! 1, 2, 3, heave!

Have your religion taught for all I care, just as long as other religions are free to have theirs taught on an equal footing. Only teach it as a religion.

Don't teach chemistry in English class. Don't teach sex-ed in history class. Don't teach home economics in gym class. And don't teach lies religion in science class.

It would seem to be an obvious rule.

12/30/2008 1:24:32 PM

Bored One-time Poster

I think most people are against it because it generates ignorant nutjobs who use phrases like "the most number one."

12/30/2008 1:25:53 PM


I agree with the fundie. All should know the truth of how the FSM created man by extending his noodly appendage!

12/30/2008 1:33:01 PM

Doctor Whom

Why do Christians fear teaching the Vedas in schools so much?

12/30/2008 1:45:58 PM


Afraid of the truth? hah! what do you think science is about cretin? You keep your heads buried in your magic books, while we keep working hard to uncover the answers and make the world better. seriously. The next time you need to be rushed to the emergency room, tell the paramedic that his science is untruth, whip out your bible and pray to santa jesus that he saves you.

12/30/2008 2:00:11 PM


No, not afraid of 'the truth'. Religion isn't the truth. Creationism is religion. Your religion and someone else's tends to cause wars. Check out what is happening in Middle East for an example.

12/30/2008 2:14:00 PM


Why do atheists fear the religious education in schools so much?

Because the last time religious education was on the public syllabus, atheists were in the top 3 of "People Most Likely to be Tortured and Executed by Church Officials". Needless to say, we're still a little jumpy about it.

12/30/2008 2:27:22 PM

Mister Spak

"Why do atheists fear the religious education in schools so much?"

A better question would be why do christianists fear religious education in schools so much? Everytime they hear about islam being taught in school they start foaming at the mouth.

12/30/2008 2:32:26 PM


I had religious education in school. That was in Germany and there it is (was?) part of the curriculum. However, it's not being taught with a theist outlook but on a, get this, scientific basis. I.e. we learned about church history, textual criticism, comparative religion (Abrahamic and non-Abrahamic religions), the role of churches in e.g. the Third Reich, and in contemporary South America, cults like Scientology, and school trips to the local mosque and synagogue. Whether or not my teacher was Christian or not I wouldn't know, and don't care either. The main thing was that she was knowledgable about the subject.

But that's not what you want, is it? What you want is Christian indoctrination. And there is no place for that in any educational environment.

12/30/2008 2:49:44 PM


Why do atheists fear the religious education in schools so much?

You don't want religious education in schools, you just want to be able to preach in schools. Big difference!

12/30/2008 4:12:26 PM


"Why do atheists fear the religious education in schools so much? "
Why do you fear the teaching of Hinduism in Schools? Why do the Hindus fear the teaching of Christianity in schools? Take both those sets of reasons and you've got why I fear it.

12/30/2008 4:21:43 PM


Wrong question.

12/30/2008 5:23:06 PM

El Zorro

I've had courses on religion in school. Got the highest grade on them.

Can't say I was afraid of them, though.

12/30/2008 6:10:59 PM

Pule Thamex

I doubt that unbelievers are afraid of the truth. There's two things to consider here:-

Firstly, creationism is not science and has absolutely nothing to back it's claims up. In fact, creationism ia a deliberate construction to try and discredit science. So unbelievers, as well as very many believers, would object to it being taught in science lessons.

Secondly, I don't think anybody would particularly object if was discussed in some sort of religious context by exploring how it has risen as tool against science.

Science which shines a light where the ocultists would not have it shine.

12/30/2008 7:06:38 PM

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