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"The Three Myths
About Homosexuality

Myth #1

Homosexuality is normal and biologically determined.

The truth...

There is no scientific research indicating a biological or genetic cause for homosexuality. Biological factors may play a role in the predisposition to homosexuality. However, this is true of many other psychological conditions. Research suggests that social and psychological factors are strongly influential. Examples include problems in early family relationships, sexual seduction, and sense of inadequacy with same-sex peers, with resulting disturbance in gender identity. Society can also influence a sexually questioning youth when it encourages gay self-labeling.

Myth #2

Homosexuals cannot change, and if they try, they will suffer great emotional distress and become suicidal. Therefore, treatment to change homosexuality must be stopped.

The truth...
Psychotherapists around the world who treat homosexuals report that significant numbers of their clients have experienced substantial healing. Change has come through psychological therapy, spirituality, and ex-gay support groups. Whether leading married or committed celibate lives, many report that their homosexual feelings have diminished greatly, and do not trouble them as much as they had in the past.

The keys to change are desire, persistence, and a willingness to investigate the conscious and unconscious conflicts from which the condition originated. Change comes slowly, usually over several years. Clients learn how to meet their needs for same-sex nurturance and affirmation without eroticizing the relationship. As they grow into their heterosexual potential, men and women typically experience a deeper and fuller sense of themselves as male or female.

If some homosexuals do not wish to change, that is their choice, yet it is profoundly sad that gay-rights activists struggle against the right-to-treatment for other homosexuals who yearn for freedom from their attractions.

Myth #3
We must teach our children that homosexuality is as normal and healthy as heterosexuality. Teenagers should be encouraged to celebrate their same-sex attractions.
The truth...
Scientific research supports age-old cultural norms that homosexuality is not a healthy, natural alternative to heterosexuality. Research shows that gay teens are especially vulnerable to substance abuse and early, high-risk sexual behavior. It does far more harm than good to tell a teenager that his or her attractions toward members of the same sex are normal and desirable. Teens in this position need understanding and counseling, not a push in the direction of a potentially deadly lifestyle.
A 1992 study in Pediatrics found that 25.9% of 12-year-olds are uncertain if they are gay or straight. The teen years are critical to the question of self-labeling, so the facts must be presented in our schools in a fair and balanced manner."

Diane S, CARM 16 Comments [12/31/2008 8:42:04 PM]
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What a useless twit.

EDIT: Oh, she copy-pasta from NARTH. Yawn.

12/31/2008 9:33:34 PM


Parade of bullshit.

12/31/2008 9:41:33 PM


Three truths about fundyism:


And we'll make up any technical-sounding bullshit necessary to justify our homophobia.

2.We can indimidate some people into saying they're no longer gay through high-pressure brainwashing, constant bullying and personal repression. It gets us off to do this.

3. We fear actual research. We denounce anything that challenges our prejudices. Making others' lives miserable is our only distraction from the cruel, icy darkness in our hearts.

12/31/2008 9:59:47 PM


1) Twin studies have shown that there must be some genetic components to homosexuality. Not to mention there is a difference in brain structure.

2) Ted Haggart, 'nuff said.

3) Could it possibly that they suffer from trauma because bigots tell them they're the scum of the Earth? Could it possibly be because they either have to choose between their family's acceptance or love? Could it possibly be because others have been killed for being gay?

A study from 1992 is not very reliable, if you have to go further back than 10 years there is a problem. It's also not a surprise because their sexuality is completely and totally new.

1/1/2009 3:46:20 AM


Diane Sellner can't even be bothered to do her own quote-mining. She gets NARTH to do it for her. And then plagerises their garbage without attribution. You can tell, because when she writes for herself she has the most appalling grammar. It's painful to read.

This woman is actually in a position of authority on CARM (vice-president).

She's posted similar nonsense several times. It's always been pointed out to her that it's nonsense. She doesn't care.


2/1/2009 11:31:46 PM

Darwin's Lil' Girl

[Citations needed]

2/2/2009 12:26:07 AM


Buncha bullshit. You Fundie tards have been spewing this nonsense for years. How about a couple of REAL facts?

Scientists have not found one single species, NOT ONE, that don't display some form of homosexuality, whether it be as a natural lifestyle or a form of dominance. The only species of animal on this planet that actually cares is HUMAN. If you visit a zoo, any zoo, in any city, you most likely will find atleast one set of homosexual animals. Simple. Also, since anyone with half a BRAIN knows that being gay is both genetics and enviroment, trying to CHANGE how you were BORN is both extremely harmful to both the gay person AND those that love said person. Those so called "ex-gay" programs try to teach gays that it was their PARENTS that fucked them up and their PARENTS are to blame. They teach them that the way they were raised is the problem. Well, its not. And people that used to be involved in the ex-gay movement have come out and finally admitted that what they are doing is WRONG. The only section of society that seems to have their fucking heads up their asses & don't listen to recent scientific discoveries is the fucking FUNDIES. Always the fucking FUNDIES.

2/2/2009 12:50:12 AM


Whats wrong with reposting if that is the case? Thank God for NARTH. You people who make fun of Diane S are the real twits.

3/26/2010 2:19:36 PM


Myth #3:
If you tell a girl that homosexuality is fairly normal, she's going to be less vulnerable to substance abuse and high-risk sexual behavior.
If she think that she is sick or mad, abnormal, THEN she's prone to turn to substance abuse or sexual abuse to assuage her shame of being abnormal.
It's not the homosexuality in itself that causes the dangerous lifestyle, but the hurt that bigots like you inflict.

3/28/2010 7:26:32 AM


1: Try Mental Health America. Although they don't agree with the "gay gene" theory, they do agree biological factors do play an important part in determining one's sexual orientation.

2: Care to show us a reliable, unbiased source of these significant numbers? "Ex-gays" could also be either repressed, self-hating homosexuals going back into the closet or bisexuals.

3: Okay, two points:
A: Substance abuse, depression and suicide could be triggered by pressure from family, religious and others who hate homosexuality. So called "cultural norms" that homosexuality is bad could in fact push homosexually oriented teens further into suicide.
B: Homosexuality is not deadly. It's the sex acts performed and safety precautions taken while performing them that determine danger, not the gender of your sex partner.

3/29/2010 7:32:34 PM


your stupid!!! you don't have any clue about homosexuality, you are only preaching what society has deemed "deviant"... Idiot!

11/3/2010 7:02:24 PM



Whats wrong with reposting if that is the case? Thank God for NARTH. You people who make fun of Diane S are the real twits. <<

Reposting without attribution is plagiarism, and unacceptable in its own right.

And, more importantly, what she is posting is wrong. I refer you to Wikipedia.

11/3/2010 9:51:59 PM

One truth about homosexuality:
It has no impact whatsoever on Diane S' life*.
Mind your own business, please.

* As long as she's not a closeted homosexual herself, that is.

11/3/2010 11:51:42 PM


Fundie research isn't research. It's just regurgitating the same old bullshit.

11/4/2010 1:13:30 AM


To the "drug-abuse"-section:
This may be because of certain fundies telling homosexuals that they are evil. As good as any guess, and better than most of yours

4/16/2012 6:47:21 AM


"The Three Myths
About Homosexuality" tl;dr...

Ith ith's three Myths, then they're Lethbianth. Ith they were Homothexthualth, they'd be Mythterth.

[/Biggus Dickus] [/"Monty Python's Life of Brian"] [/smartarse] X3

'Thwow him to the fwoor, vewwy woughly, Centuwion!'

4/16/2012 8:50:38 AM

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